With only 3 weeks to go at work, I’ve been getting rather obsessed with preparing for N’s arrival.

Not only am I trying to organized at work so that my new teammate is geared up and has no surprises in the transition, but I’m also trying to ensure that the hospital experience is as no fuss as possible. And being a complete n00b to the process, I’ve gotten some pretty great tips from fellow working mummy friends.

Thanks to PF, I have almost all my documentation sorted and ready to rock, all in a carefully labelled file and with the relevant certificates, timelines, supporting documentation and such, so that Hubba isn’t a blur king in the hospital. Labour bag all sorted thanks to Ginny and hospital bag almost there. Just a few bits and bobs that need adding but nothing that needs too much fussing.

I am completely aware there’s not much need for all this. Our own mothers probably didn’t have hospital bags packed before they went into labour.

Satinah – our Indonesian helper – tells me she felt discomfort at first but just kept on working until it became painful. And by the time she went to hospital, baby was out in a few hours. Ignorance was bliss to her, she said. I keep telling myself that women around the world birth in conditions far less sophisticated than what I’m about to experience – and that is somehow a comforting thought.

Yet I am fussing over being prepared!

It’s funny how just going through the motions of getting ready is helping me feel more in control of the whole situation. This whole process has really felt like the mental process of getting ready for a big race or a big ride.

Are my bags packed? Have I got enough nutrition in my camelpak? Will the water last me? Is that first torturous 10km climb going to kill me? Will I get to the end? Am I ready for this?

Are my bags packed? Have I got everything I need to ensure I stay calm and nourished during labour? Will it break me? Am I ready for this?

I’m sure the same answer is going to apply.

Keep going. Keep breathing. Keep spinning. Nice and slowly. You can get through this.

Back in 2006 when Mun & I ran a half marathon together – my first after being plagued by a knee injury for a year – She told me that we should spur each other on with words of encouragement that were all positive. You CAN. you WILL. No DON’Ts.

It’s amazing the tricks we play on the mind to keep it all together.

So here’s a message from me to all my fellow mum-to-be friends:

You WILL have a smooth birth.

May this message ring true for me too!

5 Responses to Getting Organized

  1. Elaine says:

    This message WILL ring true for you! =)

    Keep breathing and enjoy the process!

  2. Here’s me egging you on as you cross the finishing/starting line: You will do well!

  3. Chetz says:

    I think Mom definitely had a hospital bag. Can you imagine her not preparing?

    • Janice says:

      I didn’t think of it that way… OF COURSE Mum would have been packed in some way or another!!! But I wonder what she packed….

  4. tiffany says:

    you *will* have a good, smooth, fuss-free, minimal pain birth of N!

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