Being pregnant is quite an expensive thing – You think you’re able to use existing stretchy wear, but believe me, at some point no matter how stretchy you think your clothes are, you start to need Maternity items.  And boy, they don’t come cheapies!

pile of clothes

So anyway, my friend PF has decided to organize a donation drive for single mums at Rose Villa. She’s helping Rose Villa collect pre-loved maternity wear for single mums who could use the items that you may not need anymore.

If you do think you have items to donate, please email her at Depending on the response, she will then arrange the logistics of either collecting the clothing from your or setting up a central meeting point with other mothers nearby.

Items she will be collecting include pants, skirts, shorts, tops and dresses for now.

For hygiene reasons, she will not be collecting any maternity underwear, nursing bras or pre-owned baby bottles and pacifiers.

Find out  more about Rose Villa here.

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