Saturday was such a fun day – Nae isn’t even out yet and already she’s completely spoiled with everything she could possibly wish for, the best aunties included.

Hubba spent the day in the void deck working on his bike while I had a day of fun and silliness with great girl friends.


Being the girlie sister that she is, Chetz wanted to go a bit nuts with the pink overload but thankfully I managed to control her.

I said ‘pink trimmings with lots of brown and green’ were allowed and although she sort of broke the rules in a lot of ways, our home was full of brown and green so the pink couldn’t take over the place anyway. Phew.

Just had to put it all down in memory coz Chetz really pulled out the stops and made a huge effort to make this as cosy and happy a party as poss….


Pink lemonade laced with fresh strawberries for the non-alcoholic drinkers at the gathering. This was supposed to be accompanied by pink champagne – also with strawberries – but for some reason the Mumms (no pun intended) ordered came uncoloured, much to Chetz’s dismay (but to my delight)!!

Salty Caramel & Rose macaroons from Artisan Sweets, marshmallows which came in handy for the ‘how many marshmallows can Janice stuff in her mouth at one time?’ game, and little swag bags prepared by Chetz filled with chocolate & Sephora goodies.


Long-stemmed ginger flowers (my fav) thrown in with some unopened lilies, home-baked cupcakes laced with cute little baby booties, duckies and other trimmings by super mummy Stef, and cute multi-coloured napkins.


And then of course, there were the presents….


There was the fantastic customized diaper cake from Melody, Randall, Chings & Hans, which I am told was made by the talented Jen. Omg guys this was filled with so many useful goodies that I can’t begin to thank you for the treats within. I can’t believe she’s got a bunch of /// things too! Madness. I especially liked the moisturizer for Mummy that was included ;)


Then there was the incredibly amusing and entertaining cake, lovingly made by Cerissa and gang at Metrocakes. It certainly was a conversation piece!

Of course there were a LOT more presents and all I could think of was the fact that oh my goodness, my little girl is so so so so lucky!!! I don’t remember ever having any of this stuff as a baby girl! Wow! Can’t thank all my friends enough… I’d post pictures if I had some!! Need to find my camera cable…..

AND to Gracie for thinking about me in confinement…. Thanks for the hamper of truffle oil, truffle salt, olive tapenade, amazing pestos and all the yummy things I’m supposedly allowed to enjoy when I’m trapped at home. A picture to come later when I manage to find that blasted SLR cable.. Argh.

I did do a Photobooth Guest sign-in though, to remember everyone who was there that day. I never want to forget it :)


A big fat thank you to Steph, Mel & Gracie for helping my Chetz out with everything that needed to be done. Love love love!!!!!

Oh yes, and thanks Mel for being the official photographer!!! ;)

7 Responses to Showered with Love

  1. enjoy the ride Janice…how long more till the exciting day?

  2. Chetz says:

    You forgot the PINK POCKY!

  3. elle says:

    awww… naomi fang! how cute!!!!

  4. Kris says:

    Lovely! and the cake is so apt :)
    Enjoy the rest of the journey
    (oh and you have a lovely home!)

  5. Trina says:

    the diaper cake is such a cute and awesome baby shower present!

    ack! all the best janice and baby nae-nae! can’t say it enough! xoxo

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