I wasn’t really expecting to get an outfit for labour – After all, isn’t birth just like what you see in movies? Unglamorous hospital gown, lots of sweating and grunting etc? But I got a keen piece of advice from doula Ginny, who pretty much believes you can set the tone of your birth through a series of mental tricks with the hospital staff.

The idea behind being in your own set of hospital clothes in the labour ward instead of the hospital gown is that the staff may treat you differently because you immediately stand out, and they may think you know what you’re doing. Makes sense to me! I mean, if you see one vajayjay you’ve seen ’em all, right? Ha.

So when Maternity Exchange said they wanted to give me a Pretty Pusher, I was more than happy to accept!

This cotton delivery gown is SO soft and extremely airy so it might actually help make me feel somewhat decent during extremely undignified moments in the ward. I’ve had a few sleeps in it and it’s just really comfy soft, although it’s not very decent to wander around the house with!

The gown has a split in the front – which you can fasten up with the brown bits of ribbon when needed – to open when the time comes to bear down and push. And it’s got a plunging backline as well for epidural access, for those that need it.

the pretty pusher in all its unfolded glory

It just seems a shame to me that once you use the gown, you’d probably want to dispose of it. I guess it makes a good present from partner to the mother-to-be!

UPDATE: I’ve just been informed that the Pretty Pusher is currently not in stock but stocks are expected to arrive by 30 Apr. If you are interested in purchasing a Pretty Pusher, please contact info@maternityexchange.sg with the colour of your choice.

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