Last night was fun – Gary invited us over to his four-month-old home and we spent a good few hours lazing around in his pad. He sure has transformed it since it was our West Wing.

The place is more of an upmarket service apartment now and I just couldn’t help but ooh and ahh at what he’s done with it. We also brought the doggies round for a visit and they were so excited about being there.

Rosco ran around as if he were searching for something and Sally’s nose was working on overdrive. He opened the doors of the bedroom – he can’t do that anymore since we don’t have the same sort of sliding doors in our new home – and hung out in his previous favourite spots in the kitchen. They hopped up on the couch as if it were still their’s. So naughty.


Unlike other homes, they did seem much more settled being there for over three hours though. Usually they start whining to go home at around 9pm.

I guess they liked being in their childhood home!

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