The husband has been going riding every Saturday (and sometimes Sunday) morning to keep sane from the onslaught of work he has to juggle with his part-time MBA. I’ve mostly been supportive ‘coz it makes him a happier man over the weekend, and well, the little one has made me want to attempt lie-ins anyway.

But I usually expect to see him home by the time I trundle downstairs for breakfast – So when I didn’t on one of the mornings, I rang him to ask where he was. Where are you, I whined a pregnant whine. Turns out him and HS were riding past a quiet neighbourhood when they saw a doggie walking around lost and lonely. It looked like a big dog puppy, so both of them teamed up to halt the pooch and find the forlorn owner.

HS rode off along the houses and found a helper searching desperately around – turns out the kid of the house she worked in left the gate open so the dog wandered off. Dog rescued! Hurrah!!! I was so glad to hear that the boys managed to do this. I could only imagine how upset the owner of the dog would be…. Yay!



It’s times like this when I can’t help but think that he is my superhero of sorts and I love him all the more for being who he is :)

(Thanks for the piccie, HS!)

3 Responses to My Hero

  1. Chetz says:

    Awwww. That’s such a lovely story of a doggle’s luck! Thank Heavens he was found and returned!

  2. Amelia says:

    hey!! does your hubby happen to know the dog’s name? Is it ‘thunder’? cos it look exacyly like my friend’s dog and both of us are in Perth atm.