Sometimes it’s funny to think about how I dedicated so much of my life to music and dancing in my younger years, as it is such an absent element in my life right now.

I hardly even sing in the shower anymore, and when I do the tunes come feebly from my throat and not my diaphragm. I don’t belt out how much I love the flowers or the daffodils or the rolling hills. Or the fireside when the lights are low, singing a doo-wap a-doo-wap, a-doo-wap…..

Dancing used to be my life. I spent 13 of my formative years in classical ballet and when I stopped I channelled it all into Stage Musicals in Leeds. Every week I’d be spending time in rehearsals, learning and later choreographing routines for the shows which we charged about five quid per patron in the Riley Smith hall. We sang renditions from all the big shows on broadway… I made lots of great friends and have seen some of them get married and have kids. It was a magical journey with a bunch of very talented individuals.

I taught dance. Yes, taught. The group was mostly made out of people with different skill sets – Great singers who were maybe not so good at dancing, great dancers who were not so good at acting, etc. So part of this was teaching to make sure everyone was on the same page, and everybody was looking the same way during a move etc.

But now? I have two left feet and find it hard shaking my booty in a club without the influence of alcohol. And even then I’m sure it’s just a bit of a hip pop. Awkward is I.

Still, it’s fun to look back on the memories and think, hey that was fun. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be easing on down the road again.


A small after-show party crew from the Leeds University Stage Musical Society circa 2000 – The Wiz

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