It’s been a long time since we took the Longbottoms out for a swim – The weather was nice and cool today so it just felt like a perfect opportunity to get out for some fresh air with furkids in tow.

My back has been a wreck the past few days as well so I figured a good little paddle would do me good – and it really did! It’s really fun swimming along with two sausages doing doggie crawl next to you.


(Pardon the bump!)

Funny to think the next time we head out, there will be a little sproglet to pack for too!

2 Responses to Longbottom Beach Fun

  1. Wendy says:

    Hi Janice, i loveeee your bump….its so nice and round =). Cant wait to see pics of your little one soon.

  2. Mary-Ann says:

    Enjoy the peace and quiet and the time together with Andrew!

    Oh, my hubby says your bump doesn’t look that big for full term.

    To which i said, Janice’s hubby knows how to take pictures that flatter his wife. Unlike mine. =P

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