As we wait patiently for our little one to make her grand entrance, I’ve been spending some time nesting in her room and going through all the gifts and wonderful things our amazing friends and loved ones have blessed her with.

Indeed, the nursery is filling up with all sorts of little trinkets and it just reminds me of how fortunate she is. She’s got more things to her name than I ever had as a kid, that’s for sure.


Man, is she going to be loved.

2 Responses to The Luckiest Baby Unborn

  1. Mel says:

    sometimes less is more. the one thing you can’t give a child is a sense of direction, drive and motivation for when they’re on their own two feet. I think some people develop that because of the things they find they don’t have rather than all the things they do.

    • Janice says:

      thanks for that… not sure where you meant to go with that tho, seeing as this was more of a reflection of what she’s been given by other’s rather than us and how fortunate she is…

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