It hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

Every day I wake up to this little person who relies on me for food and cuddles, and I really am enjoying every single minute of it so far. She’s been such a little bundle of joy, making little gurgles when she’s in her co-sleeper and yummy noises when she eats. She has a very expressive face too and each time she shows us a different one, it makes Hubba giggle and smile too.

Andrew is really turning out to be every bit the gushing father I hoped that he would be. If I had worried about him being nonchalant during the pregnancy because of his hectic schedule, it was all silliness in my head.

He’s been so enamoured of our little one, giving her baths, changing most of the dirty diapers and making sure she latches on well during feeds. He’s been so hands-on that I couldn’t ask for a more supportive partner, really.

We took her for a check-up today and thank God, all is well. Hubs insisted on carrying her everywhere since I’ll have her all to myself from next week onwards. The constant look of love in his face is just so adorable.

And then there are moments when I catch myself thinking… Gosh, I’m a Mother.


But then I think… that’s kinda cool too :)

2 Responses to Being a Mom

  1. guerrrilla says:

    its kinda weird for the lot of us too who have been reading your blog for some years. seemed like only yesterday you got married. now you’re a mum!! weirdness. so surreal.

  2. Gene says:

    It’s really a surreal feeling looking at the little life everyday. I can understand all the joys you have because I also had a newborn in early March. Have fun taking care and nurturing her!!

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