It was Mother’s Day today.

It was the first ever time I celebrated the occasion from the receiving end, the first time I was ever toasted to. The first time I wished my own Mother a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ and got wished the same in return.

It’s only been a week and some since Naomi was born. Her estimated due date was actually meant to be this very day but she decided to make her grand entrance early.

Motherhood has been an incredible journey so far. It’s true what they say about your instinct kicking in. Suddenly you know how a baby is meant to be carried, no matter how fragile looking, and you devote your time to essentially being a cow. But it feels as natural as opening your eyes when you wake and you operate on auto-pilot without complaint.

I was standing in front of a buffet spread this afternoon and the only thoughts going through my head were, ‘What is going to be good for my milk production?’, and not ‘What do I want to eat?’ When I got home, I asked Satinah to prepare some liver or kidney for dinner so I’d have more Iron in my diet to replace the blood I’d lost for the day – even though I absolutely abhor eating both. It’s not about me anymore.

It’s bizarre.

But I’m loving my little angel.

To all the mums out there; who traded sleep for dark circles, new haircuts for a ponytail, long showers for quick ones, late nights for early mornings, designer bags for nappy bags, and wouldn’t change a thing.

Happy Mother’s Day!


8 Responses to A Shift in Self

  1. Chetz says:

    Very sweet entry, babe.

  2. Chetz says:

    And happy muther dayz.

  3. ruth says:

    I think you’ll be a great mother! :) Naomi is very blessed.

  4. Serene says:

    Hi. Just wanted to say congrats on the new addition! And enjoy the many more mother’s day to come.

  5. guerrrilla says:

    i’ve forgotten how well you write…… poignant piece.

    also forgot its your very first mothers day! hope you had a nice and quiet one.

  6. Sarah says:

    Hi Janice

    Happy Mother’s Day to you too! What you wrote really touched me deeply and I am now thinking back on the days when each of my babies came into the world and the motivation again on breastfeeding which I am not intending to stop till my baby decides to stop..

    The breastfeeding bonding is simply amazing! Hope you can continue to breastfeed as long as possible, you will be very thankful that you persisted in breastfeeding your babies especially when they have to go for many jabs and while they are being jabbed, they get comfort and the bonding ( while they are being breastfed at the same time ) from you at the same time..

  7. And a happy mother’s day to you too! And more to come…

    Enjoy your little treasure. =)

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