My Mum’s been a real star throughout the past few weeks.

Each and every meal for the week following Naomi’s birth was planned down to a tee, with feedings in between making sure I have been in tip top form for to perform my cow-like duties. This has continued daily since with Satinah following up on Mum’s instructions.

I don’t think I’ve ever had so much food per sitting or soup throughout the day… ever!

Mum’s also been sitting for me whenever Julie ma Jamu lady has come round for my massages. And thank goodness Mum’s quite a cool confinement mummy…. I’ve left the house a couple of times on errands which has been good for the sanity!

Dad’s brought us around in his car so it’s given me some practice setting up the car seat and taking the stroller around on my own.

My mum-in-law has also been fab. She’s boiled chicken essence everyday for the past week so I’ve started to feel really strong and back to normal.

Both me and the little bundle are very lucky to have such supportive family members around us.

Meanwhile, I’ve also done the super unconventional confinement no-no thing (and also super auntie thing) and lopped off all my hair. The weather has just been way too hot and Naomi’s needs have taken precedence over the time spent blow drying my locks.

How do the hot mamas with super long styled hair so it??


6 Responses to Confinement Mummy

  1. JY says:

    Great to cut off the hair! :) But your eyes showed that you are tired, no?

    Take good care! :)

  2. IG says:

    It’s tough being a mum, especially tiring during the initial few months. Thank god for great family support! Try to rest more and don’t be too harsh on yourself or what you want for baby. It’s crucial for mum to recuperate after the traumatic experience of delivering a baby!

  3. Annia says:

    Congratulations! I need the recipe for whatever’s in that photo. My guess is some kind of fish soup but it looks delicious!

  4. Kris says:

    hey sweetie you still look great, maybe a little sleepy is all :)
    I never knew confinement moms couldn’t get their hair cut, I do know that they’re confined at home hence, not able to go get their hair cut. haha.
    I think all these customs are only applicable where the weather’s really cold etc. A little crazy for our weather no?

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