Our little bug turned a month old today, and nothing quite sums up what I feel about this than: How on earth did that happen exactly?!

So to remember it all, Hubba and I threw a little get together for all four corners of our very large family, as well as a few close friends, to celebrate her “man yue”.

wpid-DSC00119-2011-05-29-19-01.jpg Our little family (sans the doggies who came later) … ** wearing Loef

Despite our traditional intentions for the family, it turned out not quite so traditional affair menu wise. Our little soire involved chili dogs, beef carpaccio, vietnamese spring rolls, truffled mash potato and a hugely popular slow-roasted pork belly, prepared lovingly by our friends at Cookyn Inc. Our guests seemed quite happy with the sangria and root beer floats too, and for dessert they were treated to homemade raspberry and vodka sorbet.

Mervyn slicing up the slow-roasted porky belly… I didn’t get to try it *WAIL*

wpid-250416_10150134907933239_656833238_5916591_1802501_n-2011-05-29-19-01.jpg Our very, very large family milling around

Initially, I was afraid our arrangements might have been deemed a bit too ‘new skool’ by all but by the end of the first hour, I was pretty assured that everyone was having a good time and really enjoying the food. Hurrah to no red eggs and ang koon kuehs!

The tough part about gatherings like these is being way too busy to get any photographs of my own. I’m usually the photographer at family gatherings but I had my hands full either greeting guests, thanking them for their gifts, putting the gifts away, making sure baby’s diaper was okay, scooting her away to be fed etc. I was so tied up that I only had but one chilli dog and nothing else! SOB.

Happy One Month my little bug. It’s been a rough one but you know what, I wouldn’t trade it up for the world. You’ve brought a different sort of happiness in my life and despite the massive bags under my eyes, I’m one helluva happy Mummy :)


11 Responses to One Month Today!

  1. nur says:

    good genes = pretty baby girl! :)

  2. Kelly says:

    she’s sucha pretty baby girl, she’s gonna steal many hearts when she grows up! :)

  3. Pearlyn Ang says:

    Naomi is gorgeous!! Congrats!! :D

  4. girlontheave says:

    congrats janice! naomi looks adorable :)

  5. Time really flies! Happy one month. =)

  6. Jasmine says:

    Naomi is such a pretty girl! I see both Andrew and you in her! :)

  7. ladysuki says:

    Wow.. indeed good genes brings a beautiful baby girl!!! Three of you all looking goooood!!! Congrats!

  8. Mary-Ann says:

    hey, how come you didn’t get to feast on the pork belly? i was absolutely “porked out” during my confinement that i steered clear of it for the next few months….

  9. selina says:

    she’s beautiful : )

  10. kristene says:

    what a good blend of you & andrew! what a cutie pie she is.

  11. Beautiful beautiful baby! I love her eyes!

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