I’m a Mom.

I am?

Yes. It’s true.

This is something I couldn’t quite get my head around the other day.

The husband had taken a few days off work for family time last week. This gave me a few cheeky hours to sneak into town for Lis’ baby shower – sans baby – the other day. All I expected was a pink balloons and baby chat – Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get hit by this huge realization that I was a different person inside.

Yes. I am a Mom.

All my life I’d met Mothers and listened to them talk about Motherhood and their kids. Suddenly, I was contributing? No way. Woah. But I’m still a kid, no?

I kid myself.

I met a five month old baby and thought of Naomi and what she might be like at that age. I also marveled at how developed a little girl was at age “almost two”, stuff I had never thought of before, not even whilst I was pregos.

Dude. I’m gettin’ old.

Ah well, at least I’m in good company :)

Rubbing the tummy for good luck!

I’m in your club now, Peng! Well, ok I’m like two kids short…

wpid-269603_10150213411246402_501741401_7714155_6969969_n-2011-06-25-23-14.jpg Happy baby shower, Lis!

2 Responses to I’m a Mom

  1. Jem says:

    You’re a mom but you still have the youthful face of a teenager, insane!! :)

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