The road back to getting back in shape feels a lot longer than I thought it would.

Nae & I followed Hubba to Evolve the other day and watched him do Fightshape Level 2… I’d been thinking about returning to some sort of fitness regime for awhile now. But sitting there on the mats, I realized I had a long way to go before I’d even be ready for Level 1. Now that I have Nae to care for at home, I have to work on getting back slowly. No point blasting my body and not being able to pick her up at night!

What I need is a programme which would help strengthen me and get me back to a basic level of fitness and stability before returning to the more hardcore type of training I was doing before I got pregnant.

So I thought I’d give the Powerplate a go at Selective Fitness.


Selective is a lifestyle concept gym located at Tras Street just off Tanjong Pagar Road. It features Powerplate workouts which offer a very different sort of training to the average mainstream gym. Apparently, Madonna is a big fan!


The science behind the Powerplate is that you’re actually making your workouts more intense by executing them on the plate because of the vibration technology. Your workout is thus a lot more efficient as all your fast-twitch muscle fibers are also at work during simple movements.

You could be doing something as simple as a squat but you get tired a lot quicker and it feels a lot harder because of the intensity.


I never thought I’d work up a sweat just by hopping or walking. Five minutes was enough to get me panting and sweating, and man does the ache set in during the core and stability part of the workout. My glutes were NOT happy!

But wow, it felt good!

Mel does a squat off the Plate

Bicep curls and squats with the ViPR

Instructor Sammy fools around whilst Chris instructs us

I’ve gone for two sessions so far and it’s going good. This post-preggo body feels like it weighs a ton but I feel like I have a lot more energy for the little one whenever I get back from one!

I’ve signed myself up for five sessions so it’ll be interesting to see how I feel as the weeks go by. What makes it super interesting is that Sammy is also a Muay Thai instructor, so to mix it up a little, he’s going to throw in some pad work during one of my sessions for fun.

These are how the five sessions I’ve signed up for are looking:

Workout # 1: Basic Foundation Class
Workout # 2: Explosive Cardio & Core Work
Workout # 3: Ab Blaster Work
Workout # 4: Upper Body & Core Work
Workout # 5: Pad Work

Exciting!! I wonder how I’m going to feel after the next workout tomorrow.

Check out Selective Fitness at 50B Tras Street.

Email chris@selectivefitness.com and quote “ICKLEORIENTAL” for a FREE 40min trial session.


3 Responses to I’m All Shook Up

  1. Chetz says:

    OMG. You look so tiny on the plate!

  2. Chetz says:

    Btw, point those toes. Even worse for the glutes!

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