Due to the forces of the property market, my childhood home will soon be sold.

Our family has lived there pretty much since I turned five and living so close to it now makes me feel even more nostalgic. There are just so many memories there. First falls, fishing, playing with my childhood bud, the unruly neighbourhood boys, the big scary dog chases, the old tyre swing and all the rest of it.

So when I saw my father walking his grand daughter around and showing her the place where I grew up, I couldn’t help but well up inside. Why, oh why must places go en bloc. Why, oh why must developers come in and build build build? It makes me so sad inside to think that all the greenery around us will go.

Thank goodness for memories, for those cannot be erased.

3 Responses to Forever Memories

  1. John (in S.F.) says:

    Believe I proffered this before, when you and Andrew were moving house awhile back. But with your childhood home, and all of the wonderful memories your family must have there, it is even more appropriate:

    If These Walls Could Speak

  2. Laura says:


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