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The Huggable Pacifier

Naomi has a new friend – A huggable pacifier by the name of “Moong-keh” which she absolutely adores.

This is one of the first ‘gadgets’ I fell in love with for her and thought I’d bring in for readers out there who might be interested as well.

“Moong-keh” – originally called Ooie the Monkey – is a Pacimal.

Like all other Pacimals, he is made of 00% medical-grade silicone, BPA free, is machine washable and independently tested Lead free. He provides a safe way to keep Naomi’s pacifier close, ending her frustration of lost pacifiers…. for me too!

I loved the idea, and evidently so does my daughter!

my happy camper

yummy, mummy!

happy baby, happy mummy

I love that she loves “Moong-keh” and that she has another comforting item to hug. I can tell she feels secure :)

Anyway, I have ordered a few more Pacimals in so that you guys can get your hands on one too, so let me know if you’re interested.

Here are the animals that are available for sale… I have ONLY SIX pieces going for S$35 each (inclusive of delivery):

here they are!

      • 1 x Ooie the Monkey (SOLD)
      • 1 x Mr Toutou the Dog (SOLD)
      • 1 x Mr Toutou the Dog (SOLD)
      • 1 x Zaire the Zebra(SOLD)
      • 1 x Haley the Hippo (SOLD)
      • 1 x Janet the Giraffe (SOLD)

Email me at email.ickle@gmail.com and let me know which one you’re after to get your hands on a Pacimal today!

** S$35 each (inclusive of delivery)

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6 Responses to Pacimal Pals (SOLD OUT)

  1. Chetz says:

    Why Moong-keh? Is he from Leeds?

  2. Pearlie says:

    Hi Janice, will you bring in other pacimals? How about Liberty the Lamb? Thanks!

  3. Mel says:

    very cute. does the pacifier detach? how on earth do you sterilize it?!

  4. eve says:

    hi janice,
    would like to know where you got the green chair naomi is sitting on from and how much is it? it looks very comfy..