Everyone’s always seemed to recommended we wait till the six month mark to take Naomi to the swimming pool. But that somehow didn’t seem to make any sense to me – My siblings and I all started getting into the water pretty early and it wasn’t like she was going to be able to swallow any water with the infant head float thing. So……

We went swimming!


Check out the cool cozzie she received as a gift from Aunty Andrea. A bit big but I think she still felt like a million bucks in it, judging from her expression!

Here she is all protected by the sun. We used Mustela baby sunblock on her, put on a sunhat and made sure she was always facing away from the sun.


She got a little upset when we first put her in the pool, probably because up till now all her experiences in water have been of the warm variety. But after a bit of a wimper, she seemed to feel okay and started paddling around.


What a proud Daddy! Hubba was so chuffed to see her enjoying herself. I could just the cogs turning in his head…. Sporty baby! Nae swam for about 15 minutes before we took her out and dried her up. She then took a good snooze in the shade whilst Mummy got her laps in!

But the picture that touched my heart the most was one of me and my daughter.

Not because it’s of me but that it’s of my baby and I playing in the same pool I grew up in.

One day, I’ll look back on it when it’s gone (en bloc) and be thankful I was able to take Naomi for her first ever swim there…….


Now I just need to get my childhood mate, Sher, and her girls there!

3 Responses to Starting Young

  1. Andrea says:

    Bwahahahha. I still crack up each time I see the photo that you sent over. T was quite tickled too. Hope it’ll last her for a long while. Soon, it’ll be a crop top :P

  2. guerrrilla says:

    i’ve seen these “baby spa” on me mates fb wall! never, ever seen these “neck flotation” device otherwise. me mate bought some inflatable pool for the baby to splash around, but i think an actual pool is so much more fun!!!!

    En block……. niiiiiiice :D

  3. vix says:

    K has been swimming since she was 3mo and she LOVES it. the lessons don’t use flotation aids tho.

    try to hold Nae by the armpits and let her float gently either on her back or front, keeping her face out of the water and swish her around in the pool

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