As easy as it is to want to stay home to keep Naomi’s schedule neat and tidy, I try to get her out and about as much as possible to get her used to being flexible.

As a result, she’s become a relatively easy bub to handle in the car and I’ve gotten pretty good at handling the stroller and everything else on my own, even if I’ve got to get on public transport to get where we want to go. (Yup, she’s been on the bus and MRT too!)


We met up with Beverly, Andrea & Erica this week for a ladies’ lunch. Bit of a trek as it was all the way East but we still had a good time and Nae sat in a high chair for the very first time ever!!

I quite like this, Mummy

I’m a big girl now!

A shot with Mummy

Sitting with Hunter

With Hunter’s Mummy, Beverly

Thanks to Andrea for some of the pictures – or most of them anyway!

3 Responses to Outings with Mummy

  1. Andrea says:

    You girls were sweet to come all the way to the boonies :p glad u’d fun!

  2. Jen says:

    It’s just so adorable!!

  3. kate says:

    Hi Janice,
    I’ve chanced upon your blog and i must say i enjoyed reading your posts re. motherhood and bb Naomi.
    I’m currently 33 weeks preggie and is looking for a stroller. Do you have any recommendation? I’m looking for one that is easy is handle as i would think i will be bringing bb out by myself quite often.
    My friends recommend bugaboo bee plus, i’m not sure if its worth to invest in this as its quite pricy.

    Have a lovely weekend.
    God bless,

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