This post is going to be quite a camwhore type one as it’s a follow on from my lament on my ill-fitting wardrobe.

Since a lot of things no longer fit after pregnancy, I upped my online shopping orders on my favourite sites and one of the ones that I have the most stuff from is still ye ol’ trusty Loef.


Here I am in a super comfortable braided top, which I also found really comfortable whilst trying out my earring loot from Bali from my mum-in-law. She knows my style! Gotta get as much mileage as I can outta these before Nae starts to learn how to grab and yank!!

A better shot of the top and other items under the cut.


Am wearing a black tunic here which really can double up as a dress, but I chose to wear it with a comfy pair of jeans which I just got from Levis. My hip bone is definitely bigger so there’s no going back to my old ones now!!

And here’s one of my favourite…. An oversized asymmetric top which hides the belly perfectly on days when you’re feeling a bit self-conscious!


Check out my friend Hui Ling’s stuff at Loef –

One Response to A Really Affordable Wardrobe

  1. Irene says:

    you always looks fabulous in their clothings :)

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