It’s really been a long time since I danced. Dance – That was all I used to do when I was a kid. In truth, I don’t know if I ever loved dance as much as my sister, but I was good at it so I stuck to it for almost 13 years.

In my senior days, I danced five times a week for at least two hours or so each time. This included exam classes, scholar classes and dance rehearsals. My life seemed to be about waiting in the wings in the theatre, and I dreamt of the day I’d don a tutu and take centre stage. I don’t know if that’s what I really wanted. But it seemed to be a realistic goal at the time.And then when I went to uni, I traded up. I said goodbye to the pointe shoes and dabbled in modern and jazz choreography for stage musicals. I taught the chorus the stage movements every week and kind of found it fun. But after I left uni, that faded as well. Without a show to work towards, I didn’t see the point (no pun intended).

So when my ballet-nut sister asked me to join her for a class or two, I balked at the idea. I felt like a full-on jock now with two left feet. I’m super inflexible now and I’ve been told I have now got flat feet. How was I going to remember anything? I was surely going to find it all pretty humiliating.

But you do crazy things for people you love sometimes, don’t you.


It’s my sister’s birthday week, so I thought I’d concede and accompany her to at least one class. After all, this is a woman who’s suffered from a really bad slipped disc and two torn ligaments over the past two and some years. Her comeback to ballet has really seemed to be good for her so I figured I would be doing the sisterly thing and giving her some moral support by showing up.


And you know what? I don’t think I did too badly going back to class! Okay so my turn out was a little shite, my extensions were pathetic and I executed a few terrible promenades. But at least I could still do double pirouettes, I could remember what the steps were and I didn’t fall over my own feet and flat onto my face, no!?

Nice pattern interrupt, it was. And an interesting midweek mummy break it was too!




3 Responses to Back to the Bar

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  2. sheena says:

    WoW Janice! you go, girl!!
    i’m so inspired to go back to ballet which I stopped earlier this year due to lamest of reasons – busy work schedule. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. zhing says:

    wow! you started again! on pointe too!! :) i was meant to look into adult ballet classes but was put off by the though of me in a leotard, having to squish into pointe shoes.. ya both!

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