2003 was the year I bought my first ever laptop to call my own – the Apple iBook, my first ever Mac.

Previously, I had used an NEC laptop which I inherited from my brother before the turn of the millenium. It had one of those roller ball mice that you clipped on to the side of the laptop. You had to be pretty dexterous with your thumb.

Today, Steve Jobs has resigned from Apple, so I thought it apt to wax lyrical on my very first Apple product. This is all ‘coz Hedirman tweeted about his first Apple product and got me thinking about mine!

So yes, my first Mac was my 2003 iBook. The push to get the machine was when SARS hit and our newspaper split the team into two. Each week we’d take turns working from the office and working from home, so I needed to have some efficiency on my home machine.

I bought it at the Apple distributor along Bukit Timah Road and was sold the product by a dude whose namecard said he was a ‘Mac Evangelist’. I thought that was pretty cool.

My credit card limits were a bit shite in those days so Andrew, my then-boyfriend, offered to pay it off for me and I would pay him monthly for 12 months. As a present, he also gifted me with my very first Crumpler bag to carry my new machine in.

At the same time, I was also lucky to have inherited a first generation iPod from a friend who had upgraded his.


The iBook served me well and I used it all the way till 2007, I believe, when I upgraded myself to a black MacBook.

What was your first Apple product?

4 Responses to My First Apple

  1. Gary says:

    Mine was the Apple II. Well actually I had 2 Apple IIs, both of which I got second hand, and in the end only one was working coz’ I tried to repair it myself and kept cannibalizing the parts of one for the other! :)

  2. White macbook sold by a friend who got it with some Singnet promo. Never looked back since. =)

  3. pinklorisa says:

    mine was a macbook. It was such an experience….

  4. Tery says:

    Mine IS a MacBook Air!
    Been waiting to get a mac for 1.5 yrs! And was a toss up between the Macbook Pro and Air but when they finally issued an improved Air – with all the stellar reviews. I was sold! Am still figuring out the ins and outs of the UI but i gotta say, at least im willing! Compared to the mess that was my windows experience!

    Pity then, i got it 2 weeks prior to Steve Job’s stepping down. Bitter sweet haha

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