It’s really been a long time since the hubs and I took off on a day ride off road together. Back when we were dating, all day rides across the border were not that uncommon – be it on or offroad. But not surprisingly ever since Naomi was born, our outdoor activity has been a rather separate affair.

The usual Saturday morning plan usually looks something like this: Hubba wakes up at 5am to go for a long ride and comes back by 9am. He washes his bike and cools down so he is ready to take Nae from me at 9.30am. Mummy has spent a long morning with the Bug already, so she’s usually happy as a clam whilst watching Daddy wash his bike. 10am comes and Mummy waves goodbye, gets on her mountain bike and leaves to meet bike pals at 10.30am for a ride.

So far, that’s worked for us. But I suppose Hubba was missing some active time together, so he suggested we take up the Warriors’ invitation to visit the Drak Bike Park in Batam for a day.

Of course, I was really apprehensive about leaving my little one on a Sunday, especially on my first week from work when I was missing her like crazy anyway. But over the past few months I’ve definitely seen the benefit of quality time so I bit my lip, kissed her goodbye and decided to be “ye ol’ Janice” for one day.


And what a great decision it was ‘coz it sure was fun!

Myth Busted: Parenthood isn’t the end of Life as we knew it!

It was a blast riding with old friends and catching up on old times – But times have certainly rolled on. Pling had to run into the bushes a couple of times to pump and dump her breastmilk for the day, and Becks & I shared ‘worried about baby’ stories on the ferry to and from Batam.

And surprisingly, the riding was manageable to my unfit form. Most of what I remember was single track riding and the ride was had such nice flow that I hardly feathered my brakes like I usually do. I just remember winding in and around trees, feeling the breeze on my face and ignoring the burn in my thighs.

It sure felt good to be back.

But it also felt great to be reunited with my original bike buddy again. Nice one, Hubba! :)



2 Responses to Batam Drak Bike Park

  1. yellow says:

    I agree – parenthood is not the end of life as we know it. It changes it lots and it becomes a conscious choice to keep certain things the same. Silly as it sounds, I have to psych myself into leaving my daughter at home! But I think the times my hubs and I have together doing the things we loved (prior to baby’s arrival) has made us better partners and better parents.

  2. Jem says:

    Hey, saw you in my friends photo while he was in Drak Park!!! Wayne & Leon .. anyway, simply love the video they took while u gals were under / between the gap! =)

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