Oh, my little one. How quickly you are growing.

Each and every day there are changes in you that I see which make the very insides of me light up.

You are starting to notice the world around you and are taking delight in its little details. The stitching on your Owl pillow is fuzzy to the touch, your bug toy crinkles in your hand, Rosco is a moving creature who loves rubbing his snoot on your rug. It is hilarious to you when Mummy pretends to give you something and then takes it away with a ‘tahh!!’, you simply giggle in delight as you try to grab it again.

I know from your loving little smile when you look into Mummy’s eyes that you love me very much.

This evening you chowed down your apple puree and rice cereal like a champ. You appreciate good chow just like your Mummy, and gave me a good ol’ “mmmmm mmmmm yummmm ummm nummm umm mmmmmm”. You also giggled whenever Mummy squealed at your cuteness. I don’t get to see these wonderful changes in you first anymore. Your grandparents are the ones who make these discoveries and report them to me, so when I get to witness it all, I get even more excited than before.


I never knew I’d be the sort of Mum who would document these love letters to my kid.

But you know…


I now know what they mean when they say in movies that “you are the best thing I’ve ever done”.

8 Responses to The Changes In You

  1. Very lovely letter to your daughter, I think she’d be happy to read this when she grows up one day. =)

  2. Rachel says:

    Hi Janice,
    Welcome to the world of motherhood :)
    I chanced upon your blog when I was browsing through the blogs at blogs.sg.

    I think I met u before with Andrew many years ago, when Lani was doing PR for the Hugo Boss brand.

    Congrats on being a mom…your little princess is really adorable.


  3. Jem says:

    Awww. Reminds me of that quote from Ironman 2. “What is, and always will be, my greatest creation is you.” – Howard Starck


  4. Chetz says:

    Lovely letter. She really is changing day by day!

  5. Andrea says:

    Love the first picture of her! Just the right amount of chubs and she’s such a happy bub! AND, *psst, she looks exactly like you :)

  6. vick says:

    she’s a mini Andrew!!!!

  7. Lynn says:

    Nae has grown a great deal and I like this post. Very personal and true feelings from a Mum to her Daughter :)

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