When Naomi was about three months old, there came a point where Hubba realized how much we were losing ourselves as a couple. Being the Mother, it was easy to sort of keep my head down and soldier on without thinking about it – especially struggling with the lack of sleep.

We’d been doing ‘shifts’ in the nursery every single night and couldn’t remember when we’d snuggled or cuddled each other. We didn’t even talk about it (also a very natural thing to happen). Then one night, Hubba decided he’d had enough and came marching back into our room with his pillows.

“I’m moving back in!” he boomed.

“But… but… what about the baby?” I stammered.

“She’ll be fine. We’ll do the shifts from a common base. Let’s crack out the baby monitor!”

And I’m so glad he did ‘coz that was the start of us rebuilding our relationship back to Love and Friendship, instead of just being the obligatory Mum & Dad in the couple dynamic.

“Maybe we should plan a trip away together,” he added. And as much as I feared leaving home, I knew what he was proposing would be good for us. We’d just have to bite the bullet and miss Naomi for a few days…. And miss her we sure did! But that’s another story for another day….

So thanks to Groupon, we booked us a $199 per pax deal for a 4D3N getaway in Bangkok, one of my favourite cities in Asia. It was going to be a couple trip with nothing but food, massages, chats and maybe some Muay Thai whilst we were at it. (We did plan to go out at night for drinks as well but always failed ‘coz we’d walk ourselves silly and be so tired by evening time that dinner was all we’d be able to manage.


I really understand why couples do this from time to time now.

For the first day and a half, all we could talk about together was Naomi and how big she’d grown. How wonderful she had become and all other “we love our daughter” anecdotes we could think of. It’s not that we didn’t want to talk about anything else, it was just natural to fill our conversations with thoughts of her.

But afterwards, we started reconnecting again. We chatted about anything under the sun, the way we used to. We reminisced on previous trips to Bangkok and how far we’d come in our marriage and in our lives. We shared a lot more than just what we were now, and I feel it really brought us closer in our marriage. We also realized we’d been snapping at each other a lot lately because of the lack of sleep, and told each other we needed to try not to do that.

Some pictures from our trip under the cut.

wpid-304105_10150299083896402_501741401_8417459_1511510899_n-2011-09-25-10-10.jpg we ate in coffee shops and street stalls a lot. yum!

we stayed in a really central area which had a real local vibe.

wpid-307561_10150299084576402_501741401_8417471_2053972599_n-2011-09-25-10-10.jpg of course we made our pilgrimage to chatuchak for a whole day

wpid-312957_10150299084751402_501741401_8417473_1478776873_n-2011-09-25-10-10.jpg and hubba took this picture with his trusty crumpler AGAIN. i have 3 of these pictures now :)

wpid-308188_10150299085501402_501741401_8417487_1798883746_n-2011-09-25-10-10.jpg we went to taiing pling in silom for the best in local cuisine

wpid-310415_10150299087736402_501741401_8417526_1459675415_n-2011-09-25-10-10.jpg walked around a WHOLE lot. totally deserving those foot massages

wpid-300860_10150299086861402_501741401_8417508_2042069003_n-2011-09-25-10-10.jpg did some muay thai training at lumpinee

wpid-294770_10150299086956402_501741401_8417510_1423373413_n-2011-09-25-10-10.jpg with kru petch, who was the trainer for the contender (he trained mark webber!)

wpid-301213_10150299087406402_501741401_8417521_517254545_n-2011-09-25-10-10.jpg i gave it all i had, even tho i was training with a sprained wrist :p

we went to lumpinee to watch the fights

wpid-313810_10150299089001402_501741401_8417545_293088837_n-2011-09-25-10-10.jpg visited siam ocean world

wpid-312091_10150299087506402_501741401_8417523_226891137_n-2011-09-25-10-10.jpg and just ate a LOT.

I think the only thing I would have done differently would have been to only go for 3D2N. By the third day, we were both really missing Naomi even though we were following her movements closely on Baby Connect and when I came home and she was a little dismissive of me, it crushed my heart. But once again, that’s another story for another day….

All in all, the trip was really good for bonding and I would thoroughly recommend it to couples who’ve recently had a new addition to the family. It felt like we had that ‘Me & You against the World’ relationship again and I think we both came back as better partners and better parents.

Uh oh, baby’s awake now! Gotta go!

10 Responses to Being Two for Three

  1. Chetz says:

    I’m so glad he decided to move back in! That cracked me up. This was a heartwarming read. LIKE!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this read…keep it up…it’s great to seek balance..a reminder on my side to do that do…Janice, hope my hubby can fork out time for a couple getaway too….cheers!

  3. Ad says:

    How do you hook up for one-off muay Thai there? Do you know the trainers or you can just book a slot? How does it work?

  4. susgoh says:

    When my daughter was 3 months old, I went for a 4D3N work trip to HK and came back to a dismissive little baby. Recently, I was away again for a 5D4N work trip (she’s now 8&half months) and came home to a baby who missed me, whimpered when she saw me and stretched out for a cuddle. In both cases, it wrenched my heart. The first because I feel like I did not matter, and the latter because I felt like I should have been home. My friends tell me it gets better when they’re 3+ when they realise mummy being away = presents when mummy comes home. LOL.

  5. olimomok says:

    Aww, great post! Believe or not, it has taken me 2 years post-baby to realise the same and finally acknowledge that the baby-now-kid will be FINE without us – we are headed up to HK for a few days in Nov ;)

  6. rach says:

    its posts like this that keeps me and i believe fellow readers checkin’ back :)

  7. Marie says:

    I so need a trip like this… planning one for Jan :)

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