September was a sawasdee ka month for me – After some couple bonding time with Hubba in Bangkok, I was a naughty Mummy and scooted off to Phuket for a couple of days to attend the Hen’s weekend of a very old friend.

Adele and I have known each other since the age of 14 when we sat next to each other in class, passing written notes to each other discussing the boyish charms and sexy sideburns of Luke Perry and Jason Priestley, remembering the lyrics to Runaway Train and Lady Rain etc. She was a bit more ‘happening’ than I was so she’d regale me with tea dance tales whilst I moaned to her about my sister forcing me into our home toilet to practice my violin. Yes, I was a spod. And a Beverly Hills 90120 loving one too.

So anyway, Phuket was fun. I may have only sort of known one or two of her friends but you know, when you love a friend heaps you can also see what they love in their other friends. And that makes it easy to get along with them. And well, everyone was just there to celebrate the bride-to-be and all the excitement that is to come with her big day.

I did miss my little Bug again tho. I FaceTimed everyday with Hubba so I could see her and it was fun to see her reach out for the phone. And I think she really got to bond with Daddy whilst I was away. But I digress…. This post is about my friend!DSC00935

Marriage is a huge step in someone’s life and I am so happy that after so many years, I am able to be part of this big leap.

Congratulations, Adele!!!

Just one piece of advice in your marriage though… don’t eat all the hash browns!

One Response to Happy Hen’s!

  1. Andrea says:

    OMG! Jason Priestly and Luke Perry? Hehhehe my sis and I were so into it as well and used to beg my mom to bring back magazines on her trips to UK.
    MJ and Adele have been together longer than anyone else that I’ve known probably!!

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