I was giving my little one a bath this evening when I realized something:

One day she’d be a beautiful young woman living the best years of her life and I’d remember this very moment.

Me washing her hair as she gazed back in wonder. Her reaching out for her orange flapping fish toy that her gramps gave her for Christmas, even before she was born. Splashing her little hands and feet about in the tub and just having so much fun.

It made me think of my own parents and how they must think or feel whenever they see us kids doing whatever it is we do these days.

Do they remember us in that tub? :)

3 Responses to Bubble Bub

  1. judith says:

    I had the same moment with my 3 yr-old on his first visit to Orchard today. He was all bug-eyed staring at everything, and I was thinking – I will always remember you this way, and ten years from now you’ll be hanging at ION or something after school, and none of this will be new. But I will always remember when it was:)

  2. Jennefer says:

    Yes,she will,cos she’s your baby,as a
    jewellery in your eyes…

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