Really enjoyed the husband’s first ride review of the latest addition to his stable – a custom steel frame by Dario Pegoretti – so I thought I’d share it:

The Pego was a pleasure to ride, legs however felt like they were starting from scratch.

I’ve never flown on a magic carpet so can’t compare the Pego to a hovering Persian rug. But within the first few kilometres, one thing was apparent. The frame was smooooth. Very smooth. I couldn’t crank out any juice from my up legs so wasn’t able to suitably judge stiffness so just focused on how the bike handled and on the sensations it fed through. On perfect tarmac, it felt like riding on glass. On broken asphalt or manhole covers, the bumps were still there but were significantly muted compared to the Cervelo. Never unsettling, just keeping you informed.

That goes for the handling traits too. The Pego is slower and more stable. The bike kept its line much better when taking the hands off the handlebars. It’ll make for a great descender down Mt Faber. It wasn’t sluggish, just more Gran Fondo than Criterium. Whilst on the Mandai rollers, I did get off the saddle to power up the climbs. The power transfer was not as immediate as the Cervelo but I wouldn’t put it down to frame flex. The difference is small but apparent. More like loading up a coiled spring. Perhaps another steel trait. When the legs decide to wake the hell up, I’ll see how it feels when the screws are turned. The bike made absolutely no internal noise. No creaks, nothing. Whilst on smooth stretches of road, all I could hear was the slight whirring of gears and the tires. Big contrast to my Cervelo with squeaks and creaks. I can’t think of any better way of describing the Pego as a continental limo vs the Cervelo Jap boy racer. The two bikes are VERY different.

If anything, that difference makes me glad I’ve got two complete bikes, ready to ride. The Pego is absolutely lovely and interestingly, doesn’t take the shine off the Cervelo. Side by side, they’re like chalk and cheese, ebony and ivory. Grand Tourer vs Boy Racer. Classic vs Compact geometry. Cosseting vs Uncompromising. Enjoy the Ride vs Open a Can of WhoopAss. Sunday Long Ride vs Thursday Torture Train.

This is the start of a long and good relationship.

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