I’m having problems with my knees again – Well, I think the problem never really went away but now that I’m starting to get even more active than I was post-pregnancy, I guess it’s all creeping up on me. Jeez, I’m old.

Each time I head out for a run, I come back feeling really disheartened coz I’ll barely make it out for 2km before my right knee starts to really hurt. And this is after I’ve been working on my stability and strengthening. Probably doesn’t help that my orthotics wore out and I haven’t had them replaced, but then I just wonder if I ought to be running in the first place when a 4km swim makes me feel accomplished and a 4km run-hobble makes me feel like crap.

So anyway, Hubba knew I was feeling all pathetic about running but he needed to get a quick one in whilst Nae was napping this morning. So he suggested I go on blades so that we could get a workout in together. And you know what? It was good fun! Okay so it was only 20 minutes worth of glute-pushing but it kind of made my ass feel smaller, which is always a good thing, no?

20111106-184955.jpg‘a couple that plays together, stays together’

2 Responses to Keeping Active Together

  1. zhing says:

    that’s brilliant! :)

    i chase daniel on the bicycle! which makes me even slower and less atheletic (even without injury!)


  2. Amanda says:

    Hi Janice! Didn’t know u had blades! That’s such a brilliant idea, blading while Andrew runs! May I know where you bought you blades from? I’ve been toying with the idea of getting one but am just afraid that I’ll end up severely underutilising them!

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