We went to the park today, all five of us. Hubba, me, Naomi, Rosco and Sally.

I’ve been getting emails, comments and such about people missing posts about the doggies. But be assured that really the doggies are still very much part of our lives as they were before. They still sleep with us every night and get their own cuddles and smothers every time we come home.

These days, Naomi even watches from her bumbo as Rosco plays fetch with his tennis ball and every time he gallops back with his ball, she waves her arms in the air with glee. She also pats Sally when we’re sat on the sofa together. However, these are all moments I miss with the cameras and iPhone when I’m mid-action with them all.

It’ll be good fun when Nae is able to play with them in the park and Mummy has her camera hands back!


2 Responses to At The Park…. As Five

  1. jules says:

    hiaz…i cant wait for th day Dylan is old enough to run with he dogs! it will be good fun! :)

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