Quite some time ago, I wrote a post about how to keep active post-partum.

It was mostly about how to get back into exercise after birth and had a lot of tips for the new mummy. But this was way before I went back to work and that has brought me to a whole new level completely.

When you’re back at work, the only thing on your mind is rushing back to pick your baby up and hoping you’ll be early enough to see them for a bit before bedtime. And by the time everything is done, you often find yourself absolutely drained of all energy and unable to find the mental resolve to get out for a workout. I’ve therefore tried to get my workouts in at lunchtime mostly, but now that I’m working half the week, I find it a little tough tearing away to the gym at lunchtime.

So I’m definitely still refining my workout strategy but here are some tips anyhow!

Workout efficiently
Just because you only have half an hour, doesn’t mean you can’t get a good workout in. When you’re a Mum, any time spent on yourself is good, both for your mind and your body. Half an hour is plenty of time to strap on those trainers and go for a run or walk around the neighbourhood.

For me, swimming has been the perfect way to get a good workout in and in a very short time. What with the bad knees and tired back, it has also been a good way to stretch out my spine and relieve some of the compression I am feeling from all the carrying.

This morning, I did 60 laps in a 25m pool while Hubba took Nae for a little paddle. I finished in 27 minutes and felt great, and was able to sit with Nae in the shade while Hubba got a few laps in. We were home within the hour and everyone was happy. I know I ought to steal away when Nae is napping for a swim too, and I should ideally do this twice a week.

Be active in all things
Let’s face it. As mothers, we are all pretty sleep-deprived. I’ve learned that there is no point in forcing a workout when I really don’t have the energy for it.

The other night after Naomi had gone to bed, I just couldn’t find it in myself to get my heartrate up. The hubs was out cycling and all I wanted to do was crawl into bed with a bunch of snacks and watch Parenthood. So instead, I got on my little fixie bike and rode to the nearby HDB town centre to get us some bubble tea.

The short time on the bike really cleared my head and refreshed me. It was also nice to potter around the town centre and do some people watching. PLUS I had some yummy bubble tea to settle into bed with when I got home.

I guess what I’m saying is, just because you’re not going to sweat like a maniac, doesn’t mean you give yourself the excuse to sit on your arse and do nothing. Get out and about, see what’s around you, and you’ll unwittingly be burning some calories too!

Eat right, eat smart
I’ve never been a big believer of being on diet – Not only do diets take all the fun out of life, they’re also usually short-lived.

They say “you are what you eat”, and I find this really is true. Try having healthy meals for a whole day and then fast food for another. You’ll find your body feels sluggish and your energy levels – even mentally – will be crippled when you’re pumping yourself with junk. These days, the slightest bit of alcohol sends me into a complete slump the next day…. So I try to keep my alcohol intake to a minimum, although I do have cheat days. You’ve got to have cheat days!

So anyway, these days I have a massive breakfast to fuel up for the day, followed by a fairly decent-sized lunch. Carbohydrates galore in both of these major meals. But come dinner time, I try to give these a miss since there’s really no need for the sugars that are produced whilst I sleep. Doesn’t mean my dinner is small though, I just make up for it with a bigger cut of fish or meat. Nyum, nyum

Oh, and try not to have dinner after 8pm.

Rest. Repeat.
Whenever you can, have a nap. These days, when I’m really struggling, I ask someone to take Naomi for 15 minutes. This is just enough time for me to recharge my batteries. I set my alarm and wake up 15 minutes later, and usually feel ready to get set and go again!

And of course, keep incorporating the above in your every day routine.

So that’s it. My tips for the day.

Happily, I am back to the size and weight I was pre-pregnancy. So I hope you find some of this useful!

2 Responses to Back to Pre-Preggo: A Post About Staying Active

  1. Alicia says:

    Hey Janice,

    Great that you’re back to pre preggers weight. I have lost all my pregnancy weight as well but clothes fit differently. I can’t fit into my form fitting dresses anymore as I suspect that my ribcage expanded. I’m still Breastfeeding so could be the boobs as well.

  2. Marie-Christine says:

    Very useful tips! Thanks for sharing.

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