Awhile ago when Naomi was just four months old, the good people at Hasbro contacted us to ask if we’d like to try out the brand new Let’s Rock Elmo.

I knew she was a bit too young to be engaged with a toy as advanced as this but they reckoned she might be a bit interested by him anyway. And she sure was! Elmo is able to sing six songs and he comes with two instruments – a tambourine and bongo drums – and a microphone to croon along with. Kids are supposed to be able to interact with him by singing along, or changing his instruments so that he sings different things. Apparently, you can also buy add-ons like a guitar, keyboard and such which are sold separately.

But since Nae is nowhere near 18 months old, she interacted with him a little differently. How? Well, she had her mouth all over the instruments and microphone for one. She was definitely captivated by all the moving and singing. Nae has been listening to Sesame Street since she made her entrance into the world – Sometimes she amazes me when I sing Rubber Ducky and Sing. Her face lights up so brightly and she tries to ‘hum’ along. They’re obviously songs she recognizes. So I kind of wondered if she recognized Elmo’s voice…. Yeah, I know. Highly doubtful.

Still, it was really hilarious filming this video. Enjoy!


Hasbro gave me an extra BRAND NEW Let’s Rock Elmo to giveaway, so leave me a comment and tell me which Sesame Street character you loved and why. Or better yet, which Sesame Street your kid loves and why! I’ll publish all the comments and choose a winner of the best reply!

Contest ends in a week.

Note: Let’s Rock Elmo is suitable for kids from 18 months to 4 years old.

26 Responses to Naomi meets Elmo (Giveaway Included!)

  1. rach says:

    I must be a kid at heart to enter this contest as it IS my childhood favourite series AND i would LOVE to give this Dancing Elmo to my favourite little guy right now, my nephew!

    I have to say since young, i am fascinated with Oscar the Grouch!
    He always had his brows knitted whilst the rest of the characters are all jumpy and happy. guess that’s why he stuck out like a sore thumb and made me fixated on the telly whenever he comes on…though i don’t know what he is saying really!
    Plus, i always am curious too why is he in a dustbin. well, having to be all grown up and married now…this little thought and fascination is all but a character in Sesame Street. But Oscar will always be that special character to me!

    Thanks Janice for this fabulous giveaway to your readers!
    God Bless!

  2. Gisen says:

    I grew up watching the muppets at Sesame Street! Such nostalgic memories. Although my favourite muppet ain’t Elmo, I really want it for my future munchkin :))) and better yet… to surprise my wife-to-be. Elmo’s her favourite and I’m sure the little one won’t disagree with mummy. ;)

    Good luck to all the readers!

  3. Melissa says:

    Naomi is such a cutie! Love the video! I’m a HUGE fan of sesame street and every time I bring my 7 month old boy to the store, I introduce him to the characters. He’s always so amused by them and seems like his favourite is Cookie monster! He just loves the blue fur and cookie’s voice! I loved Elmo and Ernie best as a kid cos I found them the absolute sweetest and most lovable! Long live sesame street! :p

  4. Erinna says:

    Elmo…and Ernie bring back great memories Jann! It’s so great to see Naomi growing up so beautifully….

  5. Clara says:

    Both my little boy and the big one (his Daddy) loves Elmo!
    My barely 2 toddler loves Elmo’s infectious laughter and his bright colors – a trip to ToysRUs isn’t complete without greeting Let’s Rock Elmo :)
    The Man loves Elmo (and his puppeteer) for his story and his endearing ways of making kids smile.

    We’d love to have Elmo home as a Christmas surprise.
    Thanks for this giveaway Janice :D

  6. Grace says:

    When I asked my son who is his fav Sesame Street character, he exclaimed, “I like Snuffy!” when asked why? He started singing “Because he is hairy (arms above his butt), he is an elephant, he has a long trunk and he stomp stomp stomp!” love the simple answer :)

  7. Jan says:

    My baby girl has always liked quirky characters so it is no surprise that her favorite character from Sesame Street is The Count! She only just started watching Sesame Street since she was obsessed with Moose and Zee from Nickelodeon before. But she loves music so I’m sure she’ll love Let’s Rock Elmo too!

  8. serene says:

    My favorite character is Super Grover! He is so nice, so kind and so encouraging that it’s hard not to like him! Plus he flies.
    My little boy loves Elmo and he will only sit still when the Elmo song is played on youtube. I would love to see the sparkle in his eyes and big bright smile when he sees a real Elmo toy!

    Thanks Nae’s mummy!

  9. Nicole says:

    My favourite character is Elmo, I love listening to him sing, lol, as for my girl, she just turned 5mths :) I would love to see her reaction towards the elmo toy. I wonder if she would react like Naomi. Heh

  10. Pearl says:

    My boy Rainer of 24 months loves searching thru my ipad every morning going to youtube, search for Elmo…and sing along with it without fail! Lately he is so into “elmo’s got the moves”, did all the funny quirks that Elmo does and everywhere he spots Elmo, he Shouts “Elmo”!…

    Elmo had been a small part of his growing up and im sure this Toy will be a great Bday & Xmas gift for him! (he is a Dec baby ;) i guess there is just a connection he has with Elmo than the rest of the characters.

    But still Thank you for this fantabulous giveaway Janice!

  11. Christine says:

    Meagan is now 19 months and she simply loves all things red and fluffy! Would love an Elmo toy for her. Thanks for the giveaway and oh….i had a good laugh watching Naomi meeting Elmo :)

  12. Elaine says:

    My favourite Sesame Street character has got to be the Cookie Monster!! I really can’t remember most of the songs and scenes from Sesame Street but the few scenes I remember mostly have Cookie Monster going on about how he loves his cookies and finishing all of it. Hmm…of course, this could have something to do with my own cookie love as well!

    I would love to win the Let’s Rock Elmo toy for my 8 month old baby Natasha! She absolutely loves standing and grooving to me singing Chubby Checker’s Lets Twist again and I am sure she would have a positively fun time grooving to Elmo!!

  13. eve says:

    all my little tod really does around munch-time is try to feed his favourite stuffed “stinky” Elmo with make-believe food or the steamed broccoli that he refuses to eat. a “real” song and dance Elmo would be an excellent companion instead of the telly! thanks for having this giveaway anyhow!

  14. J Leong says:

    my boy love Elmo because of the song “la la la la la Elmo song”

  15. olimomok says:

    Haha, Nae is so cute!

    I love Cookie Monster and the irreverant way he speaks. Ah, gotta love Sesame Street.

    There are actually tons of really fun Sesame St vids on Youtube which you can show Nae when she is older – Sean still loves them (and I still enjoy them too) :)

  16. Marie says:

    Rylen’s watching old school Sesame Street, so it’s all about Big Bird :) and Baby Bear (I know right, who?). Baby Bear’s from Brooklyn and he’s got the accent and can’t say the alphabet because Goldie keeps interrupting him. She loves it.

    Cross my fingers, if not she’ll be getting this for Christmas anyways :)

  17. phyllis says:

    Me and my small todd (amelia) both love Elmo to bits… it’s amazing how the small furry red guy can endear himself to ladies of all ages!!! :)

    amelia, also affectionately known as meme, loves to groove along to the elmo videos we show her. her current fav is elmo’s ducks.

    at 24 mths, she could point out the characters and name them. and understand concepts where if you take away four ducks, you have none. without prompting, she’ll always say “no more” =) she’ll even copy elmo and say “thank you. thank you” at the end of the video.

    elmo teaches animals, concepts, manners and more! what is there not to love <3

    you could show nae the cute ducky video. i’m sure she’ll love it.

  18. fiona ang says:

    My grand nephew just loves the colour red and of course he loves Elmo to death :) Every morning, his mum has to play Sesame Street on cd or dvd or else he wont eat his breakfast. It is hilarious to watch him doing an impersonation of Elmo or Cookie Monster when he is in a crazy mood. He totally cracks me up.

    I wish to give him this giveaway for his birthday which falls on 10 Dec. Thanks lots!

  19. Mami2jcn says:

    As a kid I was crazy about Big Bird. I related to him because I was always the tallest kid in class. My daughter is 2 and she’s absolutely crazy about Elmo (she calls him “Melmo”). It’s Melmo this, Melmo that. She has an Elmo cell phone, Elmo books, and Elmo chair. She loves music and I know she would be SO excited to win this Let’s Rock Elmo.

    Thanks so much for the chance! Your baby is so cute. ;-)

  20. Eve says:

    Our favorite sesame street character is Count Von Count. My little tomboy loves the way I mimic Von count’s accent. She’ll wait in anticipation for the thunder n the manical laughter at the end of the counting, which usually ends with us both rolling n chuckling on the bed. Having said that, we also have an elmo mirror in our car that keeps her company during our car rides to grandma’s. I’m sure my little tomboy would love to see the Let’s Rock Elmo in her Christmas stocking! Nevertheless, if we don’t get selected, I think Heidi n I would be equally happy with her newly acquired two front teeth. Good luck to the other readers as well!

  21. Suki says:

    My 18 months old nephew loves Elmo and would dance, sing and clap at any Elmo song. He has a little brother on the way and I’m sure he will love Let’s Rock Elmo to play with now that my sister is relatively heavy. He will have to learn how to share Elmo when the little one pops. Merry Christmas Janice n to all at home. Cheers.

  22. I remember watching Sesame Street with my great-grandmother as a little girl.. I always loved Big Bird.
    Now that I’m a mom I sit down with my boys and watch Sesame Street.. My 2 year old absolutely adores Elmo and Dorothy!

  23. Ashley S. says:

    I always loved Zoe, but my son thinks elmo and oscar are hilarious.

  24. Serene L says:

    My 2yo loves watching the Elmo song clip and always ask me to play that video on my iPhone :-/ then she’ll start singing ” la la la la Elmo song ” ( the only phrase she knows) But continues to improvise and places everyone’s names in the song i.e, ” la la la la PaPa song ” “… Mama song “.

    I grew up with sesame street and I’m glad my girl likes it too. Awesome to see how sesame street has evolved but still remains nostalgic in our hearts. Hope Naomi grows to love Elmo Song too ;-)

  25. Adeline Wong says:

    My boys loves Elmo, the 1st character in Sesame street that they are exposed to! The song is so catchy that even papa who goes off-key every single time(rolls eyes, dun understand why esp the lala part)loves singing to it.

  26. Tian says:

    I pretty much grew up with sesame street (and care bears, my little pony, thundercats, jem and the holograms, haha better stop there). i remember always being enamoured with Oscar the grouch. i think it was because i wasn’t the happiest of the kids when growing up. Oscar made it feel that that was alright eventhough others may be waving their arms in the air and laughing like craziess

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