When Chris first introduced me to Forty Hands, I was immediately quite taken with the place. It’s small, quaint, and really reminds me of the little coffee places we’ve been to in Australia somehow. (And the coffee is of Aussie standard too!)

We met the Tai’s there this morning for brekkie and a catch-up. I must say it’s a little pricey but I loved the food. My Big Boy Breakfast was $18 but every single bit of it was made with quality ingredients. My poached egg was big and fluffy, bacon was just how I like it and I loved how they used spicy chipolatas instead of normal chicken or pork sausages.

Bit amazed that my OJ was $5 though, even if it was freshly squeezed!

Meanwhile, I love little Dylan! He’s such a cutie!! :)



2 Responses to Forty Hands

  1. Pearl says:

    Hi Janice,

    i have been so wanting to ask you this.

    You have short hair right? i mean how do you put your hair up like ur pic above? i tried so many times but as i had pretty bob hair with short fringe its pretty messy to keep it up w/o lotsa bobbi pins! i like your band (seems tight and fuss free) where did you get it? norm shops bands dun work for me, keep slipping off! i was hoping to put u my hair like that for the coming up! any tips???

    • Janice says:

      Hello Pearl, sorry I meant to reply but couldn’t find this comment. My hair is shoulder length now so not as short as before but yes I use headbands and pins to keep everything up. I can’t remember where I got these ones though, I think they were from H&M in Scotland when I was there in 2007!

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