I had been lusting after the N9 awhile back but after reading about Mango and app limitation etc, I hung back. I hadn’t owned a Nokia since my trusty E66 almost four years ago, so I was quite surprised that I had felt so drawn to its form factor.

So when Gary dropped by with the Nokia Lumia 800 on Monday evening – two days before its official launch in Singapore – I was a little excited. But my excitement was still pretty much contained and on a superficial level since I felt very devoted to my iPhone 4S. In my mind, I had it figured that nothing could ever replace it.

I was wrong.

wpid-photo-1-2011-12-7-08-55.jpgBehold! The Nokia Lumia 800 all ickleoriental-ized!

It’s been two days and I’ve been completely blown away by this Windows 7 phone. Finally, Windows seems to have gotten the interface right – the UI is super sexy and I am loving the sans serif-ness of the universal font. The OS is super snappy and there’s no need for memory management, like previous Windows phones that I’ve tried.

But what is the winning feature of this phone? I think it’s the “hub” concept of the phone.

wpid-photo-3-2011-12-7-08-55.jpgeasy access for efficient consumption

Everything is “hubbed” to your homescreen, so you can consume all the information you need efficiently. I’m not sure about you but sometimes I find that my social network feeds are a bit too overwhelming… But the Lumia 800 streamlines what you want a lot easier, so you can see exactly what you want to see and filter out all the noise that you want to filter out.

The result? My stoneage husband is now posting messages on Facebook and reading about what his good buddies are doing, something he never even did on the iPhone 4. He is sending me online messages at work whilst he is on the go. He’s asking me to help him load up more pictures on Facebook, since the phone pulls all data to the phone.

Here are some things I loved about the Nokia Lumia 800:

  • Within two minutes of turning on this phone for the first time, we were completely connected to our friends, with updated pictures, email addresses etc all logged in our contact list
  • It seamlessly integrates Windows Live Messenger on the phone, so not only am I able to chat with the husband from gadget to gadget a la iMessage and BBM, but I’m able to chat to friends who are at their desks. No need to sign into additional applications.
  • It pulls all my albums down from Facebook without me having to load pictures into the phone. That picture above on my homescreen? Pulled from Facebook.
  • The keyboard is simple to use and the autocorrect function seems a bit more intuitive than the iPhone
  • It’s made of the same material as hockey helmets, making it pretty darn hardy! No need for external casing!
  • The screen is made of scratch resistant glass which doesn’t seem to get oily with fingerprints. No need for screen protector!
  • I’ve not dropped a call so far, and Gary tells me he hasn’t yet dropped a call or crashed the phone in the month or so that he’s been using it
  • With Windows Phone Connector which comes free on Macs, it’s been seamless to sync with my Macbook and iMac
  • It’s gotten my husband truly online!!! My Hubba is hubbed!

I’ll probably be adding to this list but so far, I’m pretty impressed – and totally neglecting my iPhone.

Perhaps what needs to be highlighted are the cons of the phone to me, so far:

  • The first day or so of syncing is pretty intense, so the phone got pretty warm and battery life didn’t seem very good. It seems a lot better today and Gary says his lasts without charging for about 1.5 days.
  • Apps wise, looks like there are a lot more in Marketplace than there used to be in the Ovi store.
  • Camera apps are probably my only gripe…. Instagram addicts are not going to get their fix on this phone
  • Whatsapp should be integrated with the user profiles as well, to make this a truly great device!

So that’s my first take on the Nokia Lumia 800, which I believe is launching today. From what I’m told, retail price (without carrier deals) is over $700 for 16GB, which is pretty price competitive.

All I can say is I’m glad I already put my money down for a 4S ‘coz I sure would have my head in a spin if I had to choose between the two!!

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  1. Laura says:

    It is SOOOO weird to see so much of Andrew of Facebook! lol

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