A bit of a belated post I know, but I didn’t think it was right not to pen down a memory or two of Naomi’s first Christmas.

Having a regimented baby means that staying up late for parties is out of the question – well, most of the time anyway. Naomi is usually down by 7pm without fail, but she must have felt like getting into the spirit of the holidays and she must have known she had a gazillion presents to open, ‘coz she stayed up till 8pm on both Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. I tried to push it on Christmas Day too but alas, the poor Bug couldn’t do three days in a row!

More pictures and stuff under the cut.

Every eve of Christmas, we spend the evening at my old family home with my side of the family. This year, a huge focus was – of course – the new addition to the family. Everyone was so excited to gift Naomi with presents, and to hug or squeeze her. Nae is so very loved by her grandparents, uncle and aunty. And by our helpers and animals too.

Unlike the rest of us, Nae didn’t have to wait till midnight to open her presents. At around 7.30pm, we plonked her on the sofa and she was enthralled by all the fancily wrapped packages that were set in front of her. It was really cute watching her go from present to present, touching each wrapper as if to say, “Oh, I like this one. Oh wait, but this one is pretty too. Which one should I open?

The funny thing about our little girl is that she loves details. She may have a huge present in front of her in fancy wrapper but what will catch her eye is the fuzzy corner of the card on the present. Or the clicky hinge of her wooden stack ’em toy. Once her eye catches a detail, she’ll spend ages looking at it in wonder. Like she seems to like watching Daddy clean his bicycles and is very dexterous, so I could imagine her helping him out in the future.

On a separate note, I officially feel old ‘coz Christmas really isn’t about receiving gifts anymore. I know people usually say this to sound generous but I’ll be honest and say that I used to love getting presents. But especially now that I’m a Mother, I don’t feel a shred of that anymore. This year, I gave my family a Memory book each. They loved it and I think I may have managed to evoke a tear or two. Woohoo, win :)))

Then came Boxing Day….

Over the past few years, Boxing Day has sort of become the day that Hubba and I dedicate to catching up with our friends. It has become a tradition of sorts to get them all over to the house for a bit of a gathering, and this year was probably one of the best gatherings ever! Good food, perfect company and a whole barrel of laughs. I’ve got a lotta love for this bunch of people… Love you guys!

So that was Christmas in 2011.

I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like this year – Nae running around and pulling decorations off the trees, trying to unwrap presents and wanting hugs and kisses from everyone? So much to look forward to! :)


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