I haven’t done a geeky post in awhile and seeing as I’ve really come across some pretty cool apps recently, I thought I’d share them.

The reason the post is addressed to Moms is because these apps really come in handy. But for the most part, the apps – okay, except the first one – can be used by anyone else as well.

I must say it’s been awhile since I’ve been so impressed by the practicality of these apps. In fact, they’re probably what tie me down to my iPhone and make things really hard for me to make a full-on switch to my Nokia at the moment. And what the first few apps have in common is they rely quite heavily on Cloud syncing, which means I get my information not just on my phone, but on my iPad and MacBook as well, so that’s pretty hard to beat!

On to my review… Baby Connect

I was initially introduced to this app by fellow active and anal Mummy, Beverly.

There are lots of baby apps out there that help you monitor how much you’re feeding your baby, how far your feeds are apart, how many times he or she has or has not pooped in the past few days, and all the other lovely things that come with a newborn. And for awhile, I was pretty convinced that I was using the right one, but then Bev initiated me into the world of Baby Connect – and almost seven months later here I am, still using it diligently every day.

But Baby Connect is different because of two reasons: (1) It helps you map out what’s really going on with your baby in terms of growth spurts and mood swings (2) It syncs to as many care givers as you want, so you never have to ask that question when you pick your baby up after work each day: “What time was her last feed?”

In the first few months of her life, I didn’t know my daughter as well as I do now. I didn’t know that when she fussed, she was just asking for food and when she screamed, she was just really overtired. But using Baby Connect helped me map out her sleeping and eating patterns better, and if she started to cry or scream, I’d just consult the app to see if she was due a feed, sleep or diaper change. Sounds lazy, I know, but believe me when you’re in panic mode, anything helps. And when her consumption spiked by a ridiculous amount – well, it was clear she was going through a growth spurt and it sort of explained why there was a lot of extra fussing, as well as why I felt even more exhausted than I usually was.

I’ve now got that all downpat so most Moms would have abandoned this application by now – I know Bev has. But I’ve kept at it diligently because I have now gone back to work. And with two sets of very doting grandparents who want to be Naomi’s caregivers during my work week, the app has become even more handy than before. All parties involved have become absolutely expert in handling the application. And whilst I’m at work, not only do I know about her eating and sleeping habits, I am also kept updated of her moods, activities, milestones and photographs. It really puts a smile on my face when I get an alert on my phone which reads: “Naomi is inspecting Grandpa’s bushes in the garden.”


I know I don’t look like the domestic type, but being the Woman and Mother of a household means that if I’m not planning recipes for the adults of the home, the least I should do is plan meals for my daughter so she has fresh stuff to eat on a daily basis, for the entire week.

Paprika is really cool ‘coz you can surf your recipes online on your computer or iPad, and save them in an online recipe book. If you need to buy the groceries for the recipe, you just hit ‘create grocery list’ and it does it for you automatically, complete with check boxes and everything! I’ve got this on all my devices and am constantly amazed by how convenient it is. Makes life really chop-chop (no pun intended) if you ask me!

Day One

So ever since I was about 23 Weeks pregnant, I started writing a stash of private letters to Naomi. These letters will never see the light of day as far as this blog is concerned, but I thought it’d be nice to have them kept somewhere safe for her, for that one day when she decides that she wants to see them.

So again, Day One is stored in a Cloud so you can access it from any one of your devices. I have done some writing on both my iPad and my MacBook – And well, I could very well write on my iPhone as well if I chose to. But I haven’t quite done so yet :) This one’s a fun app for writers. And no, you can’t read it even if you stole my phone or tablet ‘coz it’s password locked!


This one is actually an app I thought would be extremely useful to most people in Singapore. So I’m not sure about you but there must be a gazillion applications that tell you where you should go for a meal or a drink, but I don’t really trust these apps so they often go unused in my phone. Instead, each someone recommends a restaurant to me or I pass one I’m pretty interested in trying, I jot down its name and/or address in the Notes section of my phone… But surprise, surprise! I always forget to consult it!

The difference with Matchbook is that there’s no one’s opinion in the app but your own. Whenever you walk by a restaurant that you think looks interesting, you just open the app and click on “I’m walking by it”. Either that or you can enter the place manually – it searches via Google Maps and literally bookmarks it for you, for future reference.

So next time Hubba and I are scratching our places for a new brunch spot to try out, I’ll open Matchbox and see that I last bookmarked Hediard @ Tudor Court Gallery as somewhere to try out. Neat, huh? And the best part is…. it’s the only free app in this review.


My last app review is on this video-downloading app. Anyone who knows me will know that I don’t watch a lot of telly. In fact, my TV hardly ever gets turned on except when I put on the news (but even then I’ve usually got the BBC World Service on radio on instead). But I do love nestling down to watch a good movie when I’m stuck on a train, in a taxi or generally out and about on my own and in some sort of travel situation.

VideoBrowser downloads videos from sites like Megavideo, so if you’re a Sidereeler this is the app for you. I’m currently watching the latest episode of Dance Moms, thanks to this app.

And for Moms with toddlers on-the-go who can’t get enough of Youtube, MediaBurner is a good YouTube downloader to get.


That was one helluva long post and it was all about Geek.

I hope you enjoyed it.


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  1. jean says:

    Thanks for the recommendations! I was looking for apps along the lines you had reviewed, especially the ones for the baby (due soon).

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