Phew. So Chinese New Year was quite a mission this year.

All our previous family traditions, like going out and buying our elders different treats and such before the New Year weekend, getting a new sack of rice, oil, broom for the home etc, all stayed in tact. But this year, we fostered new traditions for our own little family.

Every year when I was a little girl, my parents would present me with a small ang bao on Chinese New Year’s Eve. These were little tokens to place under my pillow for good luck. To this day, my folks still do this for me and it’s one of those nice li’l family traditions that I felt that I wanted to carry on in my own family.

So this year, Hubba & I gave the Bug an ang bao each to put in her cot.

In the morning, we had our own little family gathering in our living room where we presented her with her red packets, accompanied by little speeches. Rosco & Sally were not left out and got hugs & kisses. Hubba wished Sally ‘many more happy lazing memories’, which I couldn’t help but giggle at.

I also decorated the house a little bit, unlike previous years. I also bought Naomi new clothes, something I don’t even do for myself at Chinese New Year but I think I shall start doing!

On the first day, we had a total of nine stops to visit.

We started at 8am and ended up at around 11pm, and our little trooper had a total of 35 minutes of nap time throughout the day. She could have been a lot crabbier, but she was manageable so I was very proud of her!

Here are some random pictures of the festivities: (I missed out snapping quite a lot of other stuff coz my hands were full a lot, gah!)

wpid-395217_10150495843791402_501741401_9244479_763557920_n-2012-01-31-16-04.jpghappy new year from her doting grannies

very first ang boa presented by Colin & Lyanna to very first baby

a four generations shot with auntie, grandma & great grandma

bai nian with grandpa, gran b & aunts

playing on the floor at grand uncle’s home

Gong Xi Fa Cai, everyone!

5 Responses to The Bunny goes Dragon

  1. cel says:

    Nae really looks like her dad more and more!

  2. jennie says:

    Awwww, she is super cute. Gong xi fa cai little one!

  3. Sharon says:

    She so cute and that’s a very nice bib!! Where did you get it from??

  4. ST says:

    Aww.. love the photos! May I ask where you bought the flower hair clip from?

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