It’s amazing what 10 days can do to a baby.

I guess you could say she was already changing at the time of our departure but I think the quality time spent, the multitude of experiences we packed in during our stay, as well as and the daily exposure to older kids just made it seem like we fed her magic beans or something.

One moment, our little bug seemed to still be a grub and the next, voila! A little girl.

Nae was very babyish when we were still in Singapore. She already knew how to crawl but needed to be coaxed as she clearly did not like doing it, and every time we left her on the floor to have a play she would freak out, as if she did not like it at all. She was quite clingy and just wanted to be held all the time, when she was not trying to stand up.


In Melbourne, Nae became part of a kiddie gang. We stayed with two of our friends whose kids were five and two-ish, and she was happy enough to be plonked on the floor amidst them whilst they played. It was as if she took her cue from them or something. I’d ask 5yo Sachi to crawl around the house so that Nae would follow and just as expected, she did.

And boy, would she crawl! Suddenly, she was crawling at high speed!


Little Sachi absolutely loved her little “Nae Nae”. And Nae was pretty adoring of Sachi too! Made me fantasize a little about whether or not No. 2 – if we were ever blessed with one in the future – would be a boy or a girl.

Our little Bug has really become a whole different person. And our love for her grows even more each day… But really, she’ll always be my baby.


I love you more today than yesterday
even though yesterday
I thought I loved you more than I ever could.

4 Responses to From Infant to Toddler in 10 Days

  1. Chetz says:

    Oh Lordie. /weep

  2. April says:

    So cute!!! and yes to baby no. 2!

  3. Marie says:

    I tell you if I didn’t already have two lil girls of my own I’d be all over your darling, she’s so cute!

  4. Dowin says:

    Cutie pie!
    Where did you get the bibs Janice? They are real cute and easy to match with any clothing.

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