I’ve been getting a lot of feeding questions from Mummies out there, so here’s a little attempt to answer some of them.

Melbourne was really the start of our little girl’s adventure with food. Up till our trip, she was on all things puree and she’d only started dabbling in chinese porridges and alphabet pasta dishes a couple of days before our flight out.

Being Australia, we were advised not to take too much with us. I packed enough formula for the flight and a couple more feeds just in case we didn’t get to a supermarket on time, and that was pretty much it. As soon as we landed and got settled, I made a trip out to the supermarket and got all our supplies, i.e. Formula and Heinz Baby Food pouches. These were cheaper in Australia.

The one thing I noticed wasn’t readily available though, was little baby finger foods and biscuits, like organic puffs and things like that, so I had to settle with Cheerios which wasn’t ideal. (So advice for anyone traveling to Australia, pack a bottle or two of unopened organic puffs if your baby is that way inclined and declare it upon arrival.)

I also bought things like alphabet pasta, cherry tomatoes, basil, soft cheeses and basic ingredients like that just in case I needed to whip her up something fresh.

But really, Nae ate on the fly when we were out and about. She especially loved feeling included when she was sitting at the table so would make a bit more fuss when she was confined to a baby chair, but was a lot more congenial and jolly when she was sat in a booth seat right next to me.


I often would ask for an unbuttered fresh slice of sourdough for her to nom on and whenever I ordered, I’d look at stuff that was easy to eat and she’d eat off my plate. She had scrambled eggs whenever I did, and things like buffalo cheeses, olives and tomatoes. She’s a good eater. Each time I put something in my mouth, she’d look at me and start salivating…

Man, the apple sure doesn’t fall far from the tree :)



Oh and for all of you who keep badgering me about where I bought her bibs from, they’re Mum2Mum bandana bibs, which I bought from Mothercare @ Harbourfront!

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  1. Cindy says:

    Actually there are organic finger snacks and puffs available at supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths. I’m surprised you couldn’t find them!!

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