For the most part, Naomi is not a fussy eater. She’s stopped having anything that looks like baby mush though. But as long as it looks like something Mummy or Daddy are eating, her mouth will start making yummy movements and she’ll ask for what you’re having. Check out that first expectant face on the top left-hand side of this collage!

This weekend we were out at a buffet with the family and she motioned for me to let her try a chocolate-covered dessert. She was pretty bewildered by the taste and sensation in her mouth but it didn’t stop her from thinking that the whole affair was highly amusing. What a little comedian she’s turning out to be, she had the whole table in stitches from her reaction!

Meanwhile, it’s pretty clear that our little Bug loves her grandparents. I love this :)


One Response to Chocolate Surprise

  1. milly says:

    she looks sooo much like you!

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