You cannot imagine how excited we were to take Bug on her first ride a few weeks ago. Her Daddy, being the bike freak that he is, so wanted to get her a WeeRide so she could really experience riding pretty much first-hand, instead of being stuck at the backseat and not getting much out of the cycle.

Yes, it was that thought out. He wanted her to feel like a rider, right from the get go.

So we took her out along the canal and she seemed to really enjoy looking around at the people go by. Well, until we got complete and utterly rained on!

Fortunately, we were on our way to Raa’s which was past my mum-in-law’s, so we could stop off there and get her dry and warm. But it was really quite funny seeing how she reacted to the downpour… She didn’t quite know what to make of it!


Before the rain came down…


2 Responses to The Wee One Rides

  1. Pearl says:

    HI Janice,

    how much is that bike seat and how old can Nae sit in that?
    i nv like the idea of a back seat either so i had let my bike sat there for the longest time…this seat look fantastic! and safe!! so pls let me know where to get it and price if u happen to know!

    thanks much!

  2. Janice says:

    We got the seat from – You can actually use it as long as the child can sit up and be strapped in safely (baby must be a certain size and not too small or they slip through the straps). We started Nae in it at around 10 months.

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