Looks like Naomi’s getting used to being on the bike. This weekend, Hubba put her on mine to have a go and it felt really quite lovely, albeit nerve wrecking, having the weight of the little one on the Goat with me.

At one point, Hubba stopped to say hello to a friend. He seemed to be taking awhile so I slowed down to see what he was up to and as I came to a halt, I totally lost my balance so we toppled over. The fall was extremely slow so I positioned myself so she’d fall on me, if anything. Not surprisingly, she wasn’t too pleased from the shocking sensation of falling!

But thankfully once I got up and started peddling again, she forgot all about it. Silly Mummy!

One Response to Peddling Along

  1. The Nonya says:

    Love this shot :) Can I please check where did you get her helmet from? I find it hard to get a helmet for my 20 month old in Penang & might ask my mum in SG to get me one.

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