“Janice Lee Fang! Look at you, on my doorstep. You haven’t changed one bit,” Jodie says as she opens her front door. Apparently, I look the same as when I was in Uni. I suppose it’s a compliment.

Jode’s one of my dear ex-housemates in London. It’s funny how work has brought me back for the week and wonderful that I’m catching up with mates at the same time. Oh, how I miss them.

And indeed, here we both are. The only difference is it’s something like five years later and we are both mothers. Working mothers with plenty in common. We rattle on about schedules, guilt and being driven at work. It feels just like 10 years ago, but the topics have changed.

We are old.

I love friendships like this. You can trust them. They don’t change.

Or at least, they evolve along with you in the best possible way.

One Response to Mates

  1. Chetz says:

    Super lovely :)

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