[An update from the sky….]


It’s been awhile since I did an update about Naomi.

Truth be told, I don’t even know if I’ve ever really done an official one which has been as extensive as some of the ones my friends do for their kids. But I figured I ought to put some of this down since everything’s happening so quickly!

My little bug turned one in April and I am constantly amazed at how much she’s grown in just 12 months. I’m sure I’m never really going to stop staring at her and wondering, “How exactly did that happen again?” We said we wanted a baby and boom. Suddenly, we have another person in our family – with her own little quirks and her own personality. Mind blowing.

As a Mom, I wonder if your heart ever does stop melting. I see things in a completely different light now – I bawl at movies featuring Mother & Daughter relationships. I just get so overwhelmed when I think of her becoming a woman and having her own life in the future.

Bev put a quote on her blog which I really liked about how Motherhood is like having your heart wander around outside your body. And that really is so true….

So anyway, here goes…


For about a month or two now, Nae has pretty much insisted on being on her feet whenever possible. She’s not able to balance on her own so if she’s not cruising, she’s ordering us to help her out. She’s quite a bossy little thing. In the past week, she’s gone from just a few steady steps to an average of about 16 at a go. Whenever we’re out in restaurants and she’s a little more confident on carpeted floors, she really takes off. I chase after her to make sure she doesn’t crash into anything, and she thinks this is all fun and games so she’ll run away cackling with glee… before crashing into something.


We introduced Nae to water when she was about four weeks old. Since then, we’d take her to the pool quite regularly and it’s been over a month since she’s learnt to run around in the baby pool unassisted. She enjoys this enormously. On weekends when she’s just plain ol’ crabby, Hubba & I just put her in the pool with us and she becomes this happy little camper. She also likes “falling” into the pool when she’s sitting on the poolside, especially whilst I’m reciting “Humpty Dumpty” and she hears the word “fall”.

{She actually really loves that nursery rhyme and loves miming a “fall” whenever or wherever she is. For awhile now, I actually use the rhyme in the bath so she’ll tip her head back and let me wash her hair!}

Needless to say, she’s very active and I have a feeling she’s inherited this from her Daddy. We’ve also noticed that she’s incredibly strong for her size. Her Grandpa has this round box of coins and he said that Nae’s picked this heavy item up with one hand like a basketballer.


Nae is obsessed with books. She’s constantly asking me to read to her, and she’s really enjoying pointing and identifying characters or things in her books. I am amazed by what she knows at this age. Sometimes, I ask her where an item is in the book, i.e. “ball” or “teddy”, and she’ll flip the pages till she finds what I’ve asked for and she’ll point animatedly at it. She’s also started to mime actions to some of her favourite books. She opens her mouth really wide when she hears the word “hippo” or “yawning”, and she makes a sleepy gesture when I say the word “asleep”.


Nae loves being put to the test. If she’s not asking me to read to her, she enjoys performing tasks and responding to instruction. A friend gave her a wooden grocery store for her birthday, and she loves fetching various types of fruit for me. At the moment, she knows which ones are “pear”, “lemon” and “carrot”, and she hands them over when I ask for them.

She is very affectionate with me and as I’ve been away with work, she’s become increasingly affectionate with her Daddy. She responds when I ask for a cuddle or a kiss, she plays peekaboo with me at every chance she gets, and this week she blew kisses at me over FaceTime. She waves frantically when she sees someone she knows and loves, and this is usually accompanied by a huge smile.

Doing Things

At this age, I’ve read it’s common for babies to be learning how programs work and this is very evident in Nae’s behaviour at the moment. She’s learning a lot by imitation and it can sometimes be quite amusing. For example, she’s been watching my Mum pat down the bed during the day when the duvet gets crinkled, and she’s taken to patting down the bed as well. She also knows how to use wet wipes, so if I ask her to “wipe Mummy’s nose”, she’ll give me a big grin and start wiping my nose with a wipe. Her Grandpa says she also points at the door at 7pm and says “Mama” when it’s time to go home now, when we’re on our way to pick her up during the week.


I’ve not been diligent enough with the sign language, but she knows enough to keep her from screaming and being difficult. When Nae was about 8 months, she learnt how to sign for “milk” and she got a hang of signing for “more” at around 11 months. She’s a bit hit and miss with the word “eat” at the moment. And I’m working on “please” and “thank you” at the moment, ‘coz she’s just so bossy sometimes!

Yes, Mummy

Nae’s very good at saying “No”. She does this in two ways – She either shakes her head, or she shakes her little index finger at you. She usually starts by shaking her head and when you ask her if she means “No”, she’ll back it up with the shaking of her finger. I’ve seen her shake her index finger at Rosco when he’s gone up to her and licked her face, as if to say, “No, Rosco. Don’t do that, please.” It’s very funny! But she hasn’t quite learnt how to nod and say “Yes” yet. At the moment, she just giggles in response. If she smiles and giggles at something you ask, she’s usually just agreeing with you.


When she turned one, Nae had one tooth. No kidding. I was a little worried about her teething progress, seeing as how I have friends with babies who teethed like maniacs at five months. But she seems to be coming along now – She had two a week ago but I believe she’s now got more. I can’t wait to see her and do a count, but from the number of poos she’s been having during the day and how crabby she’s been, she’s definitely teething like crazy at the moment.

Separation Anxiety

She’s very attached to both of us at the moment. And this is both good and bad, I suppose. She was playing with my wallet the other day when she pointed at my picture on my identity card, cocked her head and asked, “Mama?” Needless to say, my heart melted and I was so overjoyed. But she also WAILS when I leave her and she clings on for dear life when she sees anyone she’s not too familiar with. I almost broke my back taking her out with some friends and family last week ‘coz she just didn’t want anyone else to take her and she refused to sit in the stroller unless I was holding her hand. The only time she doesn’t wail is when Daddy is near.

Rosco & Sally

Nae really loves the doggies. She smiles at them whenever she sees them. Whenever they play, she gets really excited and wants to play too. She has learnt how to throw the ball for Rosco when he plays fetch, although I think she frustrates him sometimes as she’s got a pathetic girl-type throw which doesn’t make the ball go far enough. She gets really happy when she sees him and rushes over to pet him. I once caught them sitting on the floor facing each other: He was wagging his tail enthusiastically and she reached over and pet him twice on the head. Sally used to run away but she now lets Nae pet her too, albeit with caution.


I’ve not been too picky about this – She’s allowed to watch some telly but just not too much. So she watches Baby TV – she knows what “Baby TV” is (?!?!) – Pocoyo and In The Night Garden. She especially enjoys Pocoyo and I think Pateau is her favourite character ‘coz she smiles and laughs whenever he comes on. Nae knows what the remote is and points to the telly and presses the buttons. I once took the batteries out before letting her play with the remote, and she gave it back to me after a few tries and complained that it didn’t work!


Nae likes music. She giggles in assent whenever I ask if she wants me to sing her a song. Sometimes she’ll point towards the stereo, as if to ask why I’m singing along to nothing. Oh, and she bops along to the music as well whenever I ask her to dance. It’s hilarious!

Phew! That’s quite a long update! So that’s where we are at the moment… Really excited to spend the weekend with my family again!

11 Responses to 13 Months

  1. Gigi says:

    Hi Janice, just dropping by to say hi to you and Naomi! Nice to know she’s doing very well, happy 13 months :)

  2. Candice says:

    and we can’t stop exclaiming how fast they’re growing!

  3. tomi says:

    She is gorgeous. So many milestones happen around this stage and one thing I don’t miss is the teething stage! ( thank God for sm33)

  4. Chetz says:

    BLog about her zoo trip!

  5. sheena says:

    Nae really looks like you!! it has been really enjoyable reading this 13th month log. keep writing if you can, Janice. You’re a great writer :)

  6. Ling says:

    she’s grown so big!

  7. zhing says:

    oh such a doll! :) she’s growing up into such a sweet little lady!

  8. Kelvin says:

    separation anxiety….wait till the first day of nursery school/kindergarden…thankfully my girl only cried for like 2-3 weeks…I hear some kids cry for months whenever they are dropped off….Kiera is almost finishing pre-K and now she greets literally everyone every morning…the security uncle, the school nurse, other kids’ parents, the teachers, etc …she almost can’t seem to wait to get to school and to class sometimes…even on weekends, she ask why got no school…

    • Janice says:

      We drop her off at alternating grandparents every day and she does sometimes cry when she doesn’t want us to go. Hopefully she’s being conditioned early!

  9. What a lovely update of Naomi, she’s very, very adorable! The kids grow up so quickly and before we know it, they are talking and walking and doing every incredible thing that we thought they couldn’t do.

    I am a first-time mum and have three months to go before I pop. Everyone tells me to savour my me-time now. I’m trying to, and I’m sure when I do pop, everyone’s going to tell me to savour the time I have with my newborn. So on and so forth. I guess, there never really is enough time for every stage of our lives, not when we love and treasure every step of the way that much. To the moments!

  10. Janice says:

    she’s so adorable and pwetty!!

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