If there’s one thing I just cannot stand, it’s when I lie to myself.

When you’re a mom, there are so many reasons why you can’t do things for yourself. There’s always going to be a reason – But when it comes to your kid, you make things happen no matter what.

So this is something I’ve had to struggle with.

Over the last three months since I’ve gone back to work full-time, I’ve pretty much felt like I’ve been moving at the speed of light. Every day passes so quickly and I sometimes wish for more hours in the day. More hours so I can spend more time with Naomi before or after work. More hours so I can get more work done, or I can spend more time on self-improvement and knowledge.

But lots has been falling by the wayside – Blogging for one. I barely make the time to do it anymore, mainly because my priorities have shifted. But probably also ‘coz I’ve not felt very inspired. And why is that? Well, I’ve been such a lazy bugger that I’ve really felt very low in energy. Adrenalin levels are low. Endorphins are low.

This makes for a very lackluster Janice. I don’t like her much.

So I start questioning lackluster Janice on why she’s not getting off her arse and doing something. Her answers don’t please me much. She’s always got a reason.

  • Her mornings are sacred to family-time before the work day kicks in.
  • Her knees are buggered and she can’t run more than 30 minutes at a time.
  • Mountain biking takes too much time away from her daughter on the weekends
  • Once she kickstarts are Saturday with Naomi, she finds it hard to tear herself away at 10am
  • Her martial arts gym is now too far away from work, and she hasn’t really found the time to take regular lunches away from her desk, let alone travel a half hour away to attend a 45 minute class
  • Swimming 2km in a 30m pool can be a bore

…. And the reasons went on. It frustrated me.

And then it dawned on me. If lackluster Janice pisses me off, I’ve got to just show her the door. She has to go.

Enter Creepy Crawly, the new beautiful Specialized bike that Hubba has lovingly built for me.


I told Hubba I was fed up of my excuses. I felt like all this “I can’t do this” and “I can’t do that” were lies and I was ready to nip it all in the bud. I recently ran into a reader on a my flight to London and as she told me of her half marathon runs, I felt even more fed up with myself.

And I really missed cycling. The wind in my hair, that feeling like I was on my own steed… That beautiful ache at the end of a long ride, that made you feel like you deserved your weekend and any darn thing you shoved down your gob. I wanted to have that feeling again.

I wanted the best of both worlds.

No more excuses. I’m gotta make it happen.


Naomi plays slumber party at her Grandma’s on Fridays after she’s spent the day there.

Mummy gets a date night with Daddy automatically on Friday evenings.

Then we both wake up early on Saturdays for an early morning ride, and be done by 9am.

Shower up and pick her up by 10am to start our weekend as a family. Tadah! That’s one ride down. One or two more to go during the weekday nights, but it can be done.

Plus it means Mummy and Daddy now have an activity together again, which is oh so important.

See Momma? It can be done!


When Hubba suggested I have a first, short ride to get the jelly legs going again, he wasn’t kidding.

We did a ride last Thursday and I was horrified at how wobbly I was on the bike and how much of an effort every single movement was. I did have an unusually long stem on though, which he later changed out for me – I feel a lot better on the bike now so I’m hoping that really was the reason for my uselessness! I managed a pathetic 16km and wondered how on earth 100km rides used to be a weekly affair.

But tonight, I felt really good.

I hung on successfully to Hubba’s wheel the whole way and at one stretch we were cruising for a good while at about 34km/hr. He decided to take it up a notch and I chased him down at 37km/hr for awhile before blowing up completely… That took the wind out of me and I could barely start up again for the next 10 minutes. My lungs were gone.

“I was trying to get you up to 40km/hr,” he said.

HA. What planet are you on?

When we got home and I looked down at my pedo and saw 32km, I felt happy. I can feel that beautiful ache in my thighs and my glutes, and I feel that deserving hunger in my belly. The climbs and descents have gotten me on a high and it’s like a drug I want more of.

Crawly, I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

4 Responses to Back on the Bike

  1. Raine says:

    Hi Janice,

    It is great to know you are back on track again! How was your stay in London?
    I am sure you can managed your time well and continue keeping active while spending good quality time with your family. Whenever I start feeling lazy, I will drop by your blog and start reading, and tell myself to forget about all the reasons why something may not work because I only need to find one good reason why it will!

    Thank you for sharing, you’re really inspiring! :)


    • Janice says:

      Hi Raine!!

      My stay was a good one – As it turns out, my hotel was just next door to your’s, practically. I thought I might even bump into you again. Thanks for inspiring me to get back to exercising, I think I really needed it.


  2. Chingx says:

    I completely understand how combining an activity with the hubby is so precious. On sunday mornings, we drop off Suri at my folks and head to the pool for a swim!

  3. judith says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and this post was lovely – made me de-lurk:) I’ve been on both sides of this conundrum, being a SAHM, and also a FTWM at different points, and there really isn’t a perfect one-size-fits-all answer for us mums. Like you, I really believe the challenges while big, are not insurmountable – ever. So, I’m glad you’re getting back on your bike and getting couple-time in – that’s good multi-tasking for you:)

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