I had a serious case of the blues today.

Yeah, most Mondays are a bit blue anyway ‘coz all of us don’t want our weekends to end on any count. But these days, the end of Sundays don’t just signify the start of a new work week, but also the end of Mummy time. And that depresses me.

Each week, my little one gets one and more interactive. These days, she’s more like my little friend and we can actually hold ‘conversations’ at length and ‘hang out’ together. She is very affectionate with Mummy and this Sunday, she took my face in both hands and meaningfully planted a kiss on my face.

This filled me with so much joy I could never have imagined experiencing.

My little one. I really miss hanging out with you when I’m at work!


One Response to Monday Blues

  1. shoe says:

    heylo Nae, i love this shot of u!

    superbug taking a lil break from saving the world! with a biscuit no less.

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