The boss and I went on a bit of a punishing rampage this morning… And it all started with a picture a friend of her’s had posted on Path….

I’ve Gotham over you.

That’s Harvey an excuse.

My computer is acting up.
Maybe you’ve put a Dent on it.

You’re Robin me of my sanity.

We’re very cape-able.

You’re the Bain of my life.

We are as different as Knight and day.

Batman, that’s Dark humour.

Don’t be so catty.

I don’t want to live my life in Wayne.

Have a Blake, have a Kit Kat.

Ah, tit for Tate.

Batman and Cat Woman is a story of Selinapity.


And it continues…

Still cracks me up. So clearly, I haven’t Gotham over it. 

I’m Alfred you just have to get over it.

When it comes to bad puns in this team, there’s Nolan to run.

Is there no Anne to this?

Where there’s a will, Hathaway.

Val someone kilmer please??

If I had a Nichols for every time I heard someone say that…

C, I like it when Hugo Weaving your flag for bad puns. 

don’t say this too loudly or someone will be Robin you…

 I’m sorry I went off tangent… How about…  Before she was Catwoman, she was a little Keaton?

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