It’s been quite an interesting time with my Bug. Like any other 15 month old, she is really testing her limits at the moment. And this really puts me to the test. But as naughty as she can be, I can see that she’s turning into a little girl with her own little personality.

The funny thing is, I think she really likes Sport. It may seem way too early to say now but she’s been watching snippets of the Olympics – what she calls ‘Pi Pics’ – with me every day. And aside from Weightlifting, she seems to really enjoy it all, so much so that she’s ‘grown out of’ asking Mummy to put In The Night Garden on.

She will point at the screen and if there’s a ball involved, she enunciates the word “ball” quite clearly. Grandpa even shared an anecdote of a day in the week when she sauntered over to her toy box, pulled her ball out and then ‘invited’ him down from his perch on the bed to play with her. At home, she sometimes points excitedly at a beach ball and then goes “ooooh” when I reach to get it for her.

Today we took her to Port of Lost Wonder with friends and boy, did she have a blast! And you know what……

Mummy had a blast too!!

  And a family shot just ‘coz…..!!!


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  1. ying says:

    sorry can’t find your email so writing it here. I know you don’t have em anymore, but is the toy saver or pacimal better. Which one do you find more useful? & can you lmk where you got them from. Thanks alot!

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