There aren’t very many moments in life when I find myself bored with not much to do.

And when you are forced to dial it back by a huge amount and time just passes so much more slowly, you realise just how fast you’ve been hurtling through the year.

This year has just gone by at lightning speed – We may just be nine months in but already I feel like the end of the year is closing in on me. I can just see us looking back one day when we’re old and grey and thinking, “What on earth happened? Where did the time go?” The thought of Nae walking down the aisle at her own wedding makes me teary eyed… already!

The other day Hubba’s little half sister said to me that she wished life wasn’t so hard. And I found myself saying, “Oh just you wait, you ain’t seen nothing yet!” What an obnoxious sister-in-law I am, I thought, as I caught myself in the act.

I don’t even recall having any resolutions for the year… Or did I? This brain has really been reserved for Work or Mummy and not much else this year. I need to rethink that, can’t be healthy.

Have you thought about what you’ve gotten out of this year? Something to chew on…

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