We’re really amazed by the words Naomi is using at 16 months. Sometimes she springs them on us and we just stand there completely gobsmacked. So I thought it’d be fun to write down the ones that we know she’s been using a lot the past week or so…

“there” – when pointing at things, or places she wants to go

“this” – when she’s choosing

“hot”- in relation to food. and if she knows it’s hot, she’ll hold her hand out and say we have to “wait”

“warm” – somehow she knows what this is, not sure how!

“cold” – in relation to water, especially when she gets in the pool and finds it a bit chilly!

“uh oh” – when she drops things

“fish” – she either wants to feed her goldfish when she’s using this, or she wants to eat some Nantucket fish biscuits

“band” – in relation to rubber bands

“wet” – when she sees water in places it ain’t meant to be

“bath” – when it’s time to get clean

“eat” – one of her favourite words and pastimes

“soup” – don’t know how she knows this one but when I ask her to make me some, she’ll go pick up her little pot and ladle, and stir profusely

“cup” – she prefers these to bottles of any sort

“up” – pointing up

“down” – pointing down

“sky” – again pointing up

“sea” – something she’s learnt this week on holiday

“pool” – a place she absolutely loves

“swim” – a thing she absolutely adores doing

“wings” – in relation to her water wings, but she also flaps her arms like a bird when you ask her what they are

“bird” – she likes watching them fly and hop

“raisins” – she asks for them often, with glee in her face

“bag” – she knows which is her’s and where her pacifier and dolly are packed, usually

“shoe” – she’ll pick these up when she wants to go anywhere

“kitty” – she loves cats, so very much

animals – she knows all the sounds of the barn animals and can play ‘guess which animal’ with mummy. she’ll make a sound and mummy guesses. she usually looks really pleased with herself. she has the strangest sound for a crocodile though, and we’re not quite sure where that came from!

body parts – aside from the usual facial parts, she also knows where mummy’s “shoulders” are, since she has to hold them to put her shoes on. she’s also learnt “eyebrows” and “nostril” this week.

counting to 10 – she will hold her fingers up and slowly count from 1 to 10 without being prompted, although she says “den den” instead of 7 and she always misses out 9

there are a lot more words in her vocabulary at the moment but the above are the ones she actually verbalises lots… such a chatty little one!

One Response to Words @ 16 Months

  1. Chetz says:

    I love how her “please” comes out as “pish?” Adorable.

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